DIY Journals For Less Than $5.00

DIY-Journal-for-Under-$5-Artzy Creations 1

I have a love for pretty things to write in which leads to my habit of buying a lot of journals.  I like  journals of all sizes and paper types to write in too.  The other day I saw this super cute and colorful paper and it immediately grabbed my attention.  Come to find out, it’s designed  by one of my blogger crushes- Jennifer Hadfield from Tatertots and Jello.  So, I figured it was perfect for this project. A DIY Journal that won’t break the bank.



Supplies Needed:

  • Small Journal ( I actually found mine for around $1.65 at my local craft store.  It’s an amazing steal. However, I searched online and found this one for you from Office Depot.  It’s not quite as good a bargain as the one I found, but it’s still an inexpensive journal that should be available to most readers.)
  • Scrapbook Paper by Jennifer Hadfield or Any Scrapbook Paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Scissors

DIY-Journal-for-Under-$5-Artzy Creations 3

Step 1:  Lay your journal open.  Trim your paper so that there’s at least 2″ all the way around the journal.  Fold and crease the paper down over the left hand side of the journal.  Slightly close the journal together and fold the paper over on the right hand side.  This may take a little adjusting back and forth to allow room for the spine.

Step 2:  Using the foam brush, adhere the paper to the inside of the journal. Do the inside cover first.  Let this dry.

Step 3:  Apply Mod Podge to the front and back covers, as well as the spine of the journal.  Crease the paper along the spine.  Carefully, smooth the paper out with your hands to help the Mod Podge adhere the paper to the journal.

Step 4:  Adhere the flap of the paper to the inside of the journal’s back cover.  Make sure the journal is closing correctly.

DIY-Journal-for-Under-$5-Artzy Creations 4

Step 5:  Trim the excess paper at the top and bottom of the spine like the picture above.  You will then want to trim this extra paper off flush with the edge of the journal’s spine.

DIY-Journal-for-Under-$5-Artzy Creations 5

Step 6:  Curve the corner of the paper by trimming it with scissors.  Apply Mod Podge to the binding and paper. Adhere it to the journal by smoothing it down with your hands.  If the paper has trouble sticking, use a heavy book & place it on top of it until it sticks. Repeat this process for the top and bottom of the journal on the front and back covers.

DIY-Journal-for-Under-$5-Artzy Creations 6

Step 7:  You can stop here or cut a piece of paper to fit the inside front and back covers.  Just measure, cut, and Mod Podge to the inside front and back cover of the journal.

DIY-Journal-for-Under-$5-Artzy Creations 7

DIY-Journal-for-Under-$5-Artzy Creations 8


SO CUTE! My new favorites!

With so many beautiful paper choices out there , you too can make a custom journal that fits your personality perfectly or maybe even one for each of your different moods!


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