DIY Geometric Painting

DIY-Geometric-Painting-Artzy Creations a

I have always loved painting and creating paintings for my home.  However, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it seems like I don’t always make a lot of time for painting. Well,  I’ve  decided that I am going to turn a new leaf and create more paintings and DIY painting tutorials for the blog. Kind of as a way to renew the passion that I’ve always had for painting, and make more time for it.  As an artist and an art teacher (for 18 years now…YIKES), I’ve also felt that painting shouldn’t be a mystery, or is only for those that are extremely talented.  I have always felt that painting can be broken down into simple steps where a final piece of “art” can be produced by all.  I also think good home art decor is even easier to paint than most other types.  Some time ago, I did a  Modern Tape Art Tutorial that my 6 year old daughter created. It looks like something you would purchase from ZGallery or another modern home decor store.  It’s fun, simple, and affordable.  The best part is your child can create it. Well, it’s with easy painting tutorials like these, that I am going to show you how you too, can create pieces of Art that you’ll be proud to display in your home.

So, let me begin with this DIY Geometric Painting. Keep reading to see just how simple it can be.

  Supplies Needed:

  • Flat Paint Brush
  • Painters Tape
  • Various Shade of Blues, Gray, and White DecoArt Paint
  • Pencil
  • Triangle Template Here
  • Ruler
  • Canvas (You can purchase the exact same one I used here.  I used an 18″ x 36″, but if you want to start a little smaller, go with an 18″ x 18″ canvas)

Step 1:  Print the triangle template out onto heavy card stock paper.  Cut the triangles out. You want  at least (2) of them.

Step 2:  Start at the top of your canvas and find the middle (9″) and make a light mark. Measure down 4-1/2″ on each side and make marks on both sides. Using a long ruler, connect the points to make a horizontal line.  This is important because it helps establish your starting point and it is a guide to help keep your triangle templates square.

Step 3:  Take one of the triangles and locate the long point at your center mark (9″). Use the horizontal line you drew as your guide to align the straight edge of your triangle. Once it’s squared up, hold it in place and  using a pencil, lightly trace the triangle onto the canvas. Don’t remove that triangle though. (for reference, see the aqua colored triangle at the top of the picture below)

Step 4:  While holding the triangle in place, take your next triangle and bump it up next to the one you just traced. By keeping and holding the previous triangle template in place and using it as a guide, your entire row of triangles will be much straighter. Repeat this process until you get an entire row completed. One last thing… on the last triangle of each row, don’t trace the the outside edge of your template. You’ll notice that the triangle overhangs the canvas.  To make your painting LOOK like all of the triangles line up, use a ruler and draw a line from the corner of the last triangle to the edge of your guide line. This will make it look like your corners are all filling within the canvas.

Step 5:  Now you’re repeating the above process but flipping the triangles. From the bottom of your last row, measure down another 4-1/2″ on both sides, connect the marks with a straight line to create your guide line. Locate your center on the line BELOW, and make your light 9″ mark. Flip your template around to match the short side of your triangle with the one above and align the tip of your triangle with your 9″ center mark. repeat the same process using the triangles as guides for the next. Remember, don’t trace the the outside edge. Use the ruler and connect the points.

This might seem pretty complicated, but it really isn’t. By the time you’ve done the first two rows, you’ll have the hang of it and then, it’s just repetition until your entire canvas is covered. Next comes the fun part…PAINTING!

DIY-Geometric-Painting-Artzy Creations 3

Step 6:  Using painters tape, mark off each triangle that you will be painting a particular color.  This is where you get to be creative with your color choices and locating of colored triangles.

Step 7:  Paint 1 cote of color in your masked off triangle then move onto the others that you have masked off while letting the previous dry.  Once you’ve painted all of one color with one cote, go back to the first triangle and add at least a second coat of paint.  Some of the colors I used took an additional third coat.  It really will all  depend on the colors that you choose.  Also, as you paint the triangle in, try NOT to paint from the inside towards the tape edge.You want to paint  from the tape edge towards the middle of the triangle. Because the canvas has some texture to it, painting away from the edge will help give you a more crisp edge.

Step 8:  Keep repeating this process until all of the triangles have been painted in.

DIY-Geometric-Painting-Artzy Creations 2

Step 9:  Using painter’s tape, mark off the sides of the canvas straight across the side where the triangle would end.  Paint all of the sides.  I personally like thick canvas where the painting wraps around the sides.  I think it gives the painting a really nice finished look.  painting the sides also reduces your out of pocket cost for the painting because you don’t have to spend money to make or buy a frame.  but if you want to frame your masterpiece, you can skip painting the sides.

Step 10:  Touch up any edges or thin spots that you think need touching up.  Here’s a tip if you’re touching up an edge… as a rule of thumb, darker colors cover lighter colors, so use the darker paint!

DIY-Geometric-Painting-Artzy Creations 1

DIY-Geometric-Painting-Artzy Creations 5

DIY-Geometric-Painting-Artzy Creations 6

DIY-Geometric-Painting-Artzy Creations

It felt so good to be painting. Plus I”m so happy with this beauty.

If you haven’t done much, or any painting, you should try this one. Don’t be intimidated, once you’ve got your triangles drawn onto your canvas, it really is as easy as filling in blocks of color.  I hope you give it a try.


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  1. sumedha joshi says

    one day i was just searching up on net “good n easy geometrical paintings” n i came up with this painting.i clicked on this link n came through these steps. the painting was really looking very good. i liked it very much.

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