DIY Dyed Doily Bowls


I can’t get enough of doilies. In fact, when I travel, I’m always looking for them at various antique stores. I love how intricate the designs are. Well, here’s a great tutorial for taking doilies and making these beautiful bowls. I was actually shocked at how pretty these DIY doily bowls turned out.

These dyed DIY doily bowls are also perfect for putting little gifts in, storage solutions, or keeping jewelry in. Let’s get started.

Dyed DIY Doily Bowls Supplies:


Step 1: Prepare the dye.  I found that these kits were great because I just had to add the water to the squeeze bottle.  The kits also came with gloves.  You could also use other dyes and prepare them in buckets, but these worked GREAT!


Step 2: If you want more intense colors, squirt the dye directly onto the dry doily.  If you want more of a pastel look, wet the doily with water, ring it out and then apply your dye.


Step 3: Let the doilies dry.


Step 4: Rinse the doilies if you didn’t get them wet with water.  This way the dye won’t come off onto various things when you apply the Modge Podge.

Step 5: Use the Modge Podge Stiffy and pour it onto the doily until the doily is soaked.


Step 6: Cover a bowl with Saran Wrap.  Place the doily over it and form it to the shape of the bowl.

Step 7. Let the doily dry and reapply the Modge Podge Stiffy with a paint brush.  This might take a couple of applications.

Step 8: Remove the bowl and the Saran Wrap.  Lay the doily over the bowl and let it dry thoroughly.


Dyed-DIY-doily-bowls-Artzy Creations-1a

I’m over the moon about these DIY doily bowls.  I Love how they turned out and I’m still shocked at how pretty they are.  I also love how they look stacked too.  I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for them now.

Dyed-DIY-doily-bowls-Artzy Creations 2a

njoy making your own DIY doily bowls!  I think you’ll love them too.



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