DIY Doily Dreamcatcher

I’ve been wanting to make my own DIY Doiley dreamcatcher to hang in my craft room for sometime now.  I just love how they look.  I love the crocheted looked of the doilies combined with lace and leather.  The best part about making a DIY Dreamcatcher is that you can put your own personal spin on these.   You can add feathers, beads, shells, and I’ve even seen pieces of driftwood.

Doily Dreamcatcher-Artzy Creations Main3 If you like a particular color, the doilies are also very easy to dye.  I decided keep my dreamcatcher the original color of my doily because I wanted to stay to more of the earthy colors and creams.  Do you have a vintage doily from a Grandmother or Aunt and you just don’t know what to do with it? Don’t get rid of it, a DIY dreamcatcher is the perfect project for it.  Let’s get started!


Doily Dreamcatcher-Artzy Creations 8 Step 1.  Stretch the doily over one piece of the embroidery hoop frame.  Secure the doily by placing the second piece of the embroidery hoop over and around it.  Turn the tightening device at the top of the frame as tight as it will go. Doily Dreamcatcher-Artzy Creations 4             Step 2.  Trim the doily leaving roughly a 1/2″.  Hot glue the ends to the inside of the embroidery hoop.Doily Dreamcatcher-Artzy Creations 5 Step 3.  Hot glue or tie any items you wish to add to your dreamcatcher.  I added the satin ribbon, doily lace, various trim, and suede lace.  Add as much as you like, depending on how full you want your DIY Doiley Dreamcatcher to look. Doily Dreamcatcher-Artzy Creations 1 Here’s one of the leather feathers I cut by hand.  I used some really nice leather scraps that I have been hanging on to and they worked great.  I also took a little gold wire and just wrapped it around the suede lace.   Like I said, there are just endless creative possibilities to what you can add to a dreamcatcher. Doily Dreamcatcher-Artzy Creations 6

I hope you enjoy making this DIY Doiley Dreamcatcher and explore the many endless possibilities.   I know you’ll just love it. :)  I am head over heals for mine!


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