DIY Boo Marquee Sign

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We love Halloween in our household.  It is actually my youngest’s favorite holiday.  We all love getting out the Halloween decorations and putting them up around the house.  This year, I wanted to make a DIY Halloween decor piece that would be a more permanent decoration and one we would have for years to come.  With my daughters also loving the decorations that light up, I thought making a Boo marquee sign would be the perfect addition.



Step 1:  Cut the piece of plywood to 2’x9″.  At some hardware stores they will cut the board to size for you.

Step 2:  Print out the DIY Halloween decor template pieces and tape them together.

Step 3:  Trim the template and place it onto the piece of plywood using tape.

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Step 4:  Once the template is securely in place, use the drill with the 5/32″ bit and drill all of the holes.  Let the drill do the work… don’t press down hard or force the drill to make the holes. This will help you get a cleaner exit hole on the backside of your plywood. I also used blocks of scrap to raise the plywood up when I was drilling my holes.

Step 5:  Use the tracing wheel to outline the “BOO!” letters that you will be painting in.  You could also reprint the template,  cut the letters out and then trace around them, but I like to use the tracing wheel.

Step 6:  Sand the back of the board. When the drill pushes through the wood, the edges of the holes may splinter or be rough.  So, sand the backside of the plywood to make them smooth.

Step 7:  Measure the 1″ trim and cut it to the exact length of the short sides of your plywood. Do these sides first.  Attach them with a small amount of wood glue and finish nails.  You could drill a pilot hole first before nailing the trim in place.  Once the sides are attached, measure the exact size of the top and bottom pieces. Make them long enough to overlap the sides. Cut them to length and repeat the same process for securing them into place.

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Step 8:  Paint all of the board and frame black.  Go in and paint the “BOO!” letters white.  Let dry.

Step 9:  Push a nail through the top of the board to clean the holes out of any paint.

Step 10:  Push the lights through the back of the sign.  Secure with tape or low temperature hot glue if necessary.

There you have it!  The perfect size DIY Halloween decor Boo sign for your home.  It takes a little work, but it is SOOO worth it.  I took it to Sunday dinner for the entire family to see it lit up and my daughters and my niece and nephew went bonkers. They totally loved this DIY Halloween decor piece!

Artzy Creations-Boo-Marquee-Sign Main

Enjoy your new DIY Halloween decor BOO sign!


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