DIY 15 Min Ocean Painting

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This post was originally create for Darice. I love to paint.  However, with all the demands of being a mom and teaching, I often find it hard to find time for painting.  Well, if you’re super busy like me and are looking for a quick way to get your artistic juices flowing, here’s a super easy and fun DIY painting tutorial on how you can paint your own ocean scene in about 15 minutes.  This allows you to create your own painting in no time at all, and still accomplish all of the other things on your to do list.:)


Ocean Scene DIY Painting Supplies:


Step 1.  Start your DIY painting by mixing the cerulean blue with a little of the titanium white and paint the top portion of the canvas.

As you can see here, I worked with one paper plate and kept blending my colors.  You want to work quickly so the colors blend together and create a nice gradation from one color to the next.  I also used this fan brush because it works best when creating the gradation and doesn’t require using a ton of paint.


Step 2.  To create the next couple layers of the sky, I added a little more cerulean blue back into my mixture.

Step 3.  For the ocean, I used the ultramarine blue and painted a band of color.


Step 4.  Mixing the ultramarine blue with the bright aqua green, I created another gradation into white.   At the bottom, I used a little brown and cream and mixed it with the white to create the sand of the ocean.


Step 5.  I went back and layered some of the titanium white to make it look like the white wash of the waves and I dabbed some of the areas to further emphasize them.

There you have your DIY painting!  Fun, simple, and easy.  All you’re doing is blending some colors and  painting horizontal lines.

This is a great way to experiment with paints and color blending to create a beautiful ocean painting that is sure to impress all of your friends and guests when they come over.  Not to mention, you’ll make your room look nice and relaxing.




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  1. Marta says

    15 minute Ocean painting
    Thanks for this tutorial. I have painted 40 years ago using oils and wanted to try this medium.
    I love the result and you made it easy.

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