Decorate Easter Eggs With Sharpie Markers

Decorate-Eggs-With-Sharpie-Markers-Artzy Creations

 I’m always looking for fun and easy ways to decorate Easter eggs.  This technique of making dots using Sharpie markers and stickers is so fun and easy you won’t want to stop at just a few.  Did I mention this is virtually mess free!  It’s so fun to personalize the eggs for all of your family members too.  So, grab your Sharpie markers for a little Easter egg fun and let’s get started!

Supplies You Need:

  • Eggs
  • Letter Stickers ( I found these at Michael’s.)
  • Sharpie Markers

Decorate-Eggs-With-Sharpie-Markers-Artzy Creations 2

Step 1:  Boil your eggs.  I found that if you bring the eggs to a boil and let them sit for 13 minutes you will end up with the perfect eggs.  Also, you won’t have a lot that crack like if you bring them to a hard boil and keep boiling.  Try it!  I think you’ll find it works pretty awesome.

Step 2:  Put letter stickers on your eggs.

Decorate-Eggs-With-Sharpie-Markers-Artzy Creations 3

Step 3:  Add dots around the letters.  Build up the dots around the letters and have fewer dots as you get to the edges.

Decorate-Eggs-With-Sharpie-Markers-Artzy Creations 4


Try something new this year when decorating your Easter eggs without all of the mess of dying and have fun.



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