Crystal Beaded Cuff

I was inspired to create this crystal beaded cuff.  I love crystal beads and cuff bracelets.  So, I decided to combine the two elements together to get this stunning show stopper.  This is so easy that anyone with no prior beading experience can create this lovely cuff.

Here’s what you need:

  • Cuff Bracelet (I found mine in the Fimo Section in Michael’s.  I like the thickness of this cuff and the durability.  This is used as a mold for Fimo.  However, this works perfect for the project.)
  • 2 contrasting crystal colors (I used 3 packages of each color from Michael’s.)
  • Thin wire ( I used 36″ gauge.  You could work with a little bit thicker wire as well.)
  • E6000 (I used this epoxy glue on the ends and in a couple of areas throughout the bracelet.)
  • Pair of scissors or wire cutters to cut the wire.

Begin by cutting a long piece of wire.  Mine was roughly 12″.  It doesn’t have to be exact.  Wrap the wire a couple of times around itself.  After you do this, thread the end of the wire under the pieces of wire and wrap those pieces together a couple of time to hold them together.

Start threading the beads on the cuff.  Get an idea of how many beads it will take to cover the cuff.  Because there are irregularities with the bead sizes, sometimes you may find that you will have to add an extra bead to cover the cuff.  I did this because I didn’t want the the wire to be exposed or the cuff bracelet.  When wrapping the beads, I also went around twice because my wire was a little thin.  If your wire is a little thicker, you may only have to go around once.   When purchasing your wire, make sure your beads will slip onto the wire without any difficulty.  Nothing like buying the wrong size wire and finding out when you get home!

Before the wire runs out, cut another piece of wire and just simply twist the two ends of wire to continue.  Make sure when you twist the wire together, it’s not right at the end as your wire pieces will slip and come apart.  Go down a little ways on the wire and wrap the two pieces together.

To complete this bracelet, wrap the ends a couple of time.  Take the wire to the back and  lace it underneath the last couple of pieces of wire and do this a couple of times.  Cut your wire and tuck your end piece under the wire.  Take a little E6000 on a tooth pick and very carefully glue the last row of beads on the other side down.

 There you have it.  A show stopper of a bracelet for your next night out!

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