Conversation Heart Necklaces

Conversation Heart Necklace-Artzy Creations 8

My daughters just love Valentine’s Day!  I must admit that I do too.  One thing that my girls really like are the conversation hearts with all of the cute messages.  Not to mention they’re yummy too.  I thought it would be fun to create felt conversation heart valentine craft necklaces that would last longer than candy and my youngest could give them to her friends at school for Valentine’s Day.  You too can make these fun necklaces.  Let’s get started!

Conversation-Heart-Necklaces-Artzy Creations 1

Supplies Needed:

Step 1. Print out a clip art heart to the size that you want to make your hearts.  Cut the heart out.  It will be your template. Step 2. Fold the felt in half.  Place your heart template on top of the felt and cut two hearts out. Conversation-Heart-Necklaces-Artzy Creations 2   Conversation-Heart-Necklaces-Artzy Creations 3 Step 3. Using fabric paint and a paint brush, apply paint on the letter stamp.  Make sure to only put it on the letter.  Stamp the felt with the word or words that you want to put on your heart. Step 4.  Thread a needle with coordinating thread to match your felt.  Sew the felt heart about 3/4 of the way around. Conversation-Heart-Necklaces-Artzy Creations 4 Step 5. Use a little bit of Fiber Fill to make the heart poofy as I like to say.  Take a little wad and use the end of your paint brush to stuff the heart. Step 6. Finish sewing the heart closed. Step 7. Use the leather punch to punch a hole in the felt. Step 8. Using a Grommet setter, set the Grommet in place. Step 9. Open the clasp to the ball chain and string it through the Grommet hole.

Look at all of these cute valentine craft hearts!  They turned out adorable.

Conversation-Heart-Necklaces-Artzy Creations 5

My daughter’s heart just melted over these valentine craft necklaces.  She already has hers picked out and she can’t wait to give the others to her friends.

Conversation-Heart-Necklaces-Artzy Creations 9

 The fun part is you can wear multiples of these hearts or you can wear just one.

Conversation-Heart-Necklaces-Artzy Creations 8

Have fun and enjoy your new valentine craft necklaces!


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