Coffee Filter Watercolor Easter Eggs

Coffee Filter Easter Egg_Feature 01

Here is a watercolor project that kids of any age will enjoy making and they will end up with some beautiful Easter decorations. One of the best things about this project is you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive watercolor paper… heck, if you drink coffee, you might already have a bunch of the main material on hand.

Here are the materials you will need:

  • Watercolor paints
  • Paint Brush(s)
  • Container for Water (brush washing)
  • White Coffee Filters
  • Paper Plates
  • Napkins or Paper Towels
  • Scissors
  • Tagboard or Cardstock for Egg tracing template 
  • Ribbon

Begin by flattening out (1) coffee filter. Place it on a paper plate. Start painting the coffee filter by either blocking out colors or painting designs. One tip is to use a fair amount of water with your paint so that the colors bleed/blend together. You’ll get softer more pastel looking colors and softer edges between colors. Another tip is to not use too many colors on 1 filter or the colors will end up bleeding together and turning brown. Finally, if your paper plate gets too much water pooling up in the middle, lift up the coffee filter and blot the paper plate as dry as you can. Then put the filter back down on the plate and resume painting.  

Coffee Filter Easter Egg_02Don’t over work them though. If your kids are like most, recognizing when they should be done with one will probably be the hardest part. Go ahead and make a lot of these! They are fun, pretty quick to make and if you see one get to a point where you think your child should be done with it, just replace it with a new filter. They won’t complain so much or feel like they are missing out on painting time. As the filters are finished, lay them down flat to dry. I sped the drying time up by drying them with a hair dryer. As the filters dry, the colors will set & become more vibrant.

Coffee Filter Easter Egg_03

While the painted coffee filters are drying, cut an egg shape out of cardboard, tagboard or cardstock. This will become your tracing template. Take your finished template and have your child place it in the colored area where they want their final egg to be. Have them trace around it…

Coffee Filter Easter Egg_04and cut the egg out. You can either have your child cut on the inside of the traced line, or they can trace the cut out onto the back side of the coffee filter so the pencil line doesn’t show on the front. Here is one of our finished “dyed” eggs.

Coffee Filter Easter Egg_05The finishing touch is to take your ribbon and make some little bows. I hot glued these to the tops of the eggs, and a piece of ribbon to the back for hanging.

Coffee Filter Easter Egg_Feature 02I also took some of our finished eggs and hot glued them to one long piece of ribbon to make an Easter bunting decoration.

Coffee Filter Easter Egg_Feature 03My girls absolutely loved making this project, and now that we have so many of these beautiful water colored Easter egg decorations all over our house, it feels like Spring has really Sprung!


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  1. Wendy Richardson says

    These are fun and even a one year old can do the painting. We used watered down food colouring.

    • melanie says

      Thank you for stopping bye Linda. It’s always nice to hear encouraging words from other talented bloggers! BTW-those heart shaped cherry hand pies on your site look great! Happy Easter!

    • melanie says

      Thank you so much Linda! Thank you for also stopping by my blog too. If you like what you see, you can follow me at Facebook or Google+ as well.

      Artzy Creations

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