Christmas Duck Tape® Stockings

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When I heard about the new 2013 Duck Tape® Holiday designs, I couldn't have been more excited. I Love working with Duck Tape® because it's so easy to work with, it comes in so many different colors & prints and you can make pretty much anything out of it.  With Christmas quickly approaching, I decided I wanted to use the new Penguin and Snowman Holiday designs to make a unique Holiday craft. So, here is how I made my  Duck Tape® Christmas Stockings.

Here are the supplies you will need:

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  • Printed Stocking Template (Provided by Me)
  • Cutting Mat (Optional but extremely helpful)
  • Ruler (Metal is best) or Tape Measure
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Fine Tip Permanent Marker
  • Soft Plastic Squeegee (optional but helpful)


 photo HolidayTape_zps437f69bf.jpg

  • (1) Roll of ANY of the Duck Tape® Holiday Designs (for the Main Part of Stocking)
  • (1) Roll Duck Tape® Solid Color to Compliment the Print (for trim)

Begin by downloading the stocking templates I have created for you to use. I made them so you can print them onto (2) 8.5"X11" sheets of paper and tape them together.

 photo StockingTemplate_Part1_zps049b90b4.jpg  

 photo StockingTemplate_Part2_zps4ea63f92.jpg

 photo 01B_StockingTemplate_zpsee4bfa52.jpg

The next thing I did was use that paper template to cut  the stocking shape out of thicker heavier duty paper (or you could also use cardboard.) This makes cutting the stocking shape out with your X-acto a little easier.

 photo 02_tapelayout_zps90f06cfe.jpg

Create a sheet of Duck Tape® by sticking the tape onto a surface that it can easily be peeled off of. This is where a cutting mat is perfect. Slightly overlap the pieces of tape so they stick together. Also,make sure the pieces are long enough to cover the entire area under the stocking template. I used the template as a size guide. If you are using the Holiday print for both the inside and outside of the stocking, try to be as conservative as possible with the length of your tape. This stocking requires nearly an entire roll of the Duck Tape® and you want to have some extra in case you make a small mistake or you accidentally stick it to something 🙂

 photo 03_TapeSide2_zps91b87c5a.jpg

After you have the one side completed, CAREFULLY peel the tape up. Flip it over so the sticky side is up and place tape on this side, again covering the area under the stocking template. after both sides are stuck together, Smooth out the pieces to get them to be flat ad remove any airbubbles. This is where the plastic squeegee is helpful, but your hand works well too!

 photo 04_CutStocking_zps3d5e1b34.jpg

Using the template and your X-Acto knife, cut out the stocking. You might want to tack the template in place with a little double sided tape before cutting. This will keep the template from sliding while you cut. If you want to cut out a design like the tree shape, cut that out now. I cut the tree shape out on the Penguin stocking. I placed some white tape (colored side up) on the back (inside) and taped it into place behind the area I cut out. I do the design this way rather than cutting a shape out of tape because the edges and points will have a crisper look. You can cut out the tree shape and stick it to the outside but my experience has been that thin areas (like the tips of the tree) get wrinkly or mis-shaped, so I do it the way I described. Once you have one cut out, repeat the steps to make another side. Here's a hint: If your using a solid color on the inside, be careful to make sure the insides end up being face to face with the prints on the outside. If your using the same Holiday design on the inside and outside you don't have to worry about this.

 photo 05_2Sides_zps7b5ebd03.jpg

Once you have completed both sides of the stocking, move onto trimming (attaching) them.

 photo 06_Measure_zps4d55c944.jpg

The next step is to measure 1/2" in from the outside edge, and make small marks with your fine tipped permanent marker. Make quite a few of these, especially around the curved edges. these are your guides for aligning the trimming tape. 

 photo 07_Trimming_zpsc2703853.jpg

For the trimming, lay out a long piece of tape. Cut it in half with your X-Acto Knife. Begin at the top of your stocking, but stay down about 1" from the top. You will need the opening later. Align the edge of the tape with the 1/2" marks you made and stick it in place. Once it is in place, fold the tape over to stick to the back side of your stocking. Repeat this. When you get to the heel and toe area of the stocking, cut small lengths of tape, about 1". Align with your marks and put it in place, BUT before folding it over, cut the tape as shown above. This will help the tape lie flat on the backside.

 photo 08_Trimmed_zpsda57ddb5.jpg

Here's a nearly completed stocking.

 photo 09_MeasureTopTrim_zps83809df5.jpg

Now for the cuff. Lie out a piece of tape about 15" long, sticky side up. Take your next piece of tape, which should be a little longer and stick it onto the other piece (sticky faces together) but leave about 1/4" exposed. Don't line up the ends. The longer piece of tape helps holds the bottom one in place while you trim the piece to the final 1-1/2" width. Once it's cut to the right width, you can trim the ends. Make sure not to cut it too short. You need at least 13" to wrap the entire top of the stocking and have an overlap.

 photo 10_AttachTopTrim_zpsa5fc5333.jpg

Start with the back side of the stocking facing up. Move in from the end and align the edge of the tape with the top of the stocking. Stick it in place. When you get to the end, fold the tape over, but don't fold it right at the edge. Fold it just a little beyond the edge, otherwise when you fold the cuff down, it will make the side pucker. Continue all the way around until you get back to where you started. Overlap the ends and tape them in place with a piece of tape on the outside.

 photo 11_RollTopTrim_zps9bd80900.jpg

Fold the cuff down and smooth it out. Now, for the final step… the stocking hanger.

 photo 12_MeasureLoop_zps1e324693.jpg

Create a strip the same way you made your cuff, and cut it to final measurements of 9" in length and 3/4" in width. Next, Take 2 pieces of tape a little longer than 2" and place them like above.

 photo 13_LoopAttach_zps45e79856.jpg

Line up the top of the tape with the top of the cuff and the edge of the strip with the seam of the stocking, and tape in place. Take the other side and tape it in place. You should get a loop like the one above.

There you have it!  A completed Christmas Duck Tape® Stocking.

You can follow Duck Tape® and see all of the new 2013 Holiday designs on, Facebook & Twitter or head over to their Pinterest page and share your own Duck Tape® creations. 

Now get creating and Duck the Halls!

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