Chicken Diaries

This is just a little series based on the funny antics of our chickens.  I would never had guessed that chickens could be so funny.  We have jumped on the backyard chicken band wagon.  It all started when my daughter wanted chickens for her 7th birthday. My husband and Emma went to a local feed store that happened to be just right down the street.  Emma fell in love with them.  What seven year old wouldn’t?  So, after some research, debating, and some hemming and haughing, we decided to go for it.  We bought two Lacy Wyandotte chicks.  Emma came up with their names, Browney and Blackey.  Not very original, but cute, and this is what she wanted to name them and they were HER chickens.

We raised them from chicks that were 3 weeks old. The girls held, petted, and played with them.  We gave them lots of TLC and still do.  We watched them grow up to be these HUGE chickens.

Here, meet the girls.  This is Brownie and Blackie.  Brownie by far has the most beautiful markings.  Pretty golden and rust color browns with the black .  Brownie is sort of the ring leader and a real take charge girl.

With Blackie, the name says it all.  She has some of the golden and rusty colors but not like that of her sister.  Yes, they are sisters.  Blackie is the biggest and by far the heaviest of the chickens.  She is not so heavy that my daughter cannot carry her.  All of the chickens will let Emma pick them up and Emma often carries them into their coop at night.  We built the coop after the chickens were a little older…so they aren’t yet fully trained go to their coop at night and sometimes have to be carried.

We ended up receiving a third chicken.  At first, I wanted no part in having a third chicken.  Then I heard that a co-worker of my husbands had bought five chicks at once and it was too many for him.  If he couldn’t find a good home for this chicken, it was going to be SOUP.  I didn’t want that to happen.  So, I reluctantly said o.k. and here we are with a third chicken.  Her name is Ginger.  The elusive Ginger or sometimes we call her Roadrunner.

When we first got her she was in sad shape.  She was really skinny and her feathers looked unhealthy and were matted down.  It looked like she had been picked on and may have been the runt of the group.  My husband brought her home one night and the girls were so excited to have a third chicken.  Although, this didn’t bode well with the sisters who are inseperable.  Blackie immediately started pecking on her.  I guess it’s true what they say about the pecking order.  Eventually, they have grown to put up with each other and they all get along pretty well now.

Ginger has to be the funniest though.  This chicken LOVES to be around us.  Whenever we’re outside she is right there on our heels.  Emma picks her up like a dog and strokes her feathers.  Ginger will even come to the window in the evening to watch t.v. before it gets too dark.  Who knew chickens like to watch t.v.?  Yes, that is blue paint on Ginger.  When we painted the chicken coop, Emma painted her blue and tried to say Ginger did it.  She painted the chicken’s feet first.  I was convinced that it was Ginger who stepped in the paint.  This gave Emma free reign.  She thought Mommy was convinced Ginger was being a dummy and getting into the paint, so, Emma painted her feet some more.  Then I looked and the sides of her neck and they were painted.  We had a blue chicken.  Needless to say, Emma was so busted!  She had been found out.  My husband and I had to wash Ginger’s feet off in the laundry sink.  Never in a million years would I have imagined myself washing a LIVE chicken’s feet.

You can see a little of the remaining blue paint on Ginger’s neck feathers

So, this is my little introduction to our girls.  Besides providing us with more than a dozen, free range brown eggs a week, they are quite humorous.  I will be keeping you posted periodically of some of the antics of our backyard chickens.


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    So cute! We have chickens in the backyard, too. They are SO much fun and relaxing to watch and take care of. In addition to my three full grown hens, I have 5 chicks that are about 8 weeks old that I’m trying to acclimate and get out there in the coop. It’s an adventure.

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    Ok, so now I have a bad case of Chicken Envy! I’m visiting from The Project Queen’s link party. I’ve seen your blue felt necklace at several parties and had not clicked on until today. It is lovely. I think I’m going to do a quick post about my chicken envy today…..I will probably link to your story. Check it out!

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