Chicken Diaries-Trying to Stay Cool

I haven’t written anything lately about our chickens.  Yes, they are still up to no good.  The summer heat is coming on strong lately in Southern California.  We usually heat up in August all the way into October.  I’m not one who is fond of the heat.  Being a true Midwestern girl, I miss the seasons and especially fall with the cool, crisp air and the beautiful foliage.  So, I find it hard with the extreme heat as I think the entire nation is right now. Well, these little girls are finding it even harder to beat the heat.

Yep, I opened the back door today and they were right there.  I think Ginger, scrawny looking one, would’ve come right into the house if I’d had let her.  They are also panting too.  I had no idea that chickens pant.  I mean it makes sense.  But, it’s kinda funny to see.  Poor girls.  They have been hiding for most of the day under the avocado tree in the back.  I don’t blame them.

Stay Cool!

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