Anthropologie DIY Pom Pom Necklace

final pom pom

This is a super easy DIY Anthropologie inspired necklace.  Who doesn’t love an Anthropologie necklace without the huge price tag?  Here is a picture of the inspiration piece.  Mine cost a total of $15.00.  It would’ve cost less had I had all of the yarn, but, my version is much more affordable anyways.

Anthro Version

Here’s What You Need:

  • Chain 
  • Clasp (I chose a toggle clasp.)
  • 2 Jump Rings
  • Needle Rose Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Fork
  • Thread
  • Needle

Pom Pom Necklace_01

Measure out the chain.  I measured mine to 16″.  However, if you want it a little bit longer then you can make it 17″ or even 18″ if you prefer.

Pom Pom Necklace_03

Open up the jump rings and attach them to the ends of the chain.  While you are doing this, put in your toggle and bar.

Pom Pom Necklace_04

Next, make all of your pompoms.  You will need to make a total of 5.  Pick out the colors that suit you the best.  I chose this monochromatic color combination because I knew it would be something I would wear.  Using a fork, wrap your yarn around about 60 to 70 times.  This will give you a nice full pom pom.

Pom Pom Necklace_05

Cut about a 5″ piece of yarn and slide it through the tongs of the fork and around.  Pull this as tight as you possibly can and tie a knot.

Pom Pom Necklace_06

With a good pair of scissors, I used my sewing scissors, you will want to trim all of the loops.  Shape your pom pom so it isn’t lopsided by trimming the ends of it.

Pom Necklace_07

Next, take a needle and coordinating thread and sew the pom poms onto the chain.  I made sure that I sewed in through a couple of the chain links.  I went back and sewed into the next pomp pom as well.   This really worked to help support the pom poms on the chain.

side view of necklace

It’s really that simple and takes very little time at all.  My girls are on a big pom pom making kick now that I made these.

final 2

I hope you enjoy making your own Anthropologie knock off necklace… and saving nearly $100.


Macrame Shamrock Bracelet

Final Image

Do you need a just a little touch of green for St. Patrick’s Day?  Here’s an easy bracelet to make that will be just in time for the big day.  It’s just the perfect amount of green if you ask me.

Here’s What You Need:

  • .5mm Chinese Knot Thread for the Macrame Bracelet (Found Here)
  • St. Patrick’s Day Link (Fire Mountain Gems has cute links.)
  • Scissors

 I used this great tutorial here from Honetly WTF on how to create a macrame bracelet.

Final Bracelet 3

Final bracelet 2

Looking for more St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration check out this Shamrock Wreath here.

Final wreath Image

Here’s an easy Shamrock shirt that you can whip up in no time here.


Enjoy all of the St. Patrick’s Day fun and green inspiration!


DIY Druzy Stone Bracelet

final image

Here’s a great DIY bracelet for you that makes a stunning addition to any wardrobe.  The best thing about this bracelet is that it really only takes about 15 minutes to make.

things needed

Here’s What You Need:

  • 1  Druzy Bead Link (You can find one like it here at Cherry Tree Beads)
  • Gold Chain (about 6-7″ of length)
  • 2  5mm Jump RIngs
  • 2  3mm Jump Rings (Not Pictured)
  • 2  Round Nose Pliers

For this bracelet, I started with 6″ of chain.  I wanted my bracelet to end up being roughly 7″ because my wrist is pretty small, and it’s much easier to remove links than add them. 🙂 A standard bracelet size would be about 7.5″  when it’s completed, so I would purchase close to 7″ of gold chain length for a regular sized bracelet.

Attaching Jump Ring

Divide your chain in half.  I used 10 links on one side and 11 links on the other.  For a standard size, you may want to use 12 links on both sides.  You can always go back and remove a link with your needle nose pliers if it’s a little too long.

Open one of the 5mm jump rings with the needle nose pliers and attach it to one end of your chain.  Close the jump ring.

Attach Jump Ring to Clasp

Next, open the other 5 mm jump ring and slip it into the hole to connect the clasp to the jump ring.  Leave the jump ring open.

Attaching Jump Ring and Clasp to Chain

Next, slip the chain onto the jump ring with the clasp and close the jump ring.

Joing Jump Rings to Druzy

Attach the 3mm jump rings to both ends of the eyes on the druzy bead link.  Slip the chain pieces into the jump ring and very carefully close both ends.

Final Image 2

There you have it!  It’s that easy and simple to make.

Final Image 3

I Love the intensity of the color in this aqua druzy bead.


P.S.  If your interested in purchasing any of the jewelry featured on my blog, it’s all for sale.  Just send me an email for pricing and I will be glad to get back to you.

Easy Beaded Bangles

Final Image Beaded Bangle Bracelet

Here’s a very easy tutorial for making expensive looking golden beaded bangles.  All you need are a few supplies and a little patience.

Here are the materials you need:

  • 26 GA Gold Wire (Roughly 4 yards)
  • Thin Matte Gold Bangel  (You can find them here.)
  • 3 mm Matte Gold Beads
  • Scissors or Wire Cutters

Beaded Bangle Mat

Step 1:   Cut your length of 5 mm wire to about 1.5 yards. A little extra length is better because it really needs to be long enough to wrap the bangle and hold all of the beads in place. Start by placing the end of the wire on the inside of the bracelet.  Wrap the wire around the bangle twice.

beginning the bracelets

Step 2:   Place a bead onto the wire and wrap it over the top and back through the center of the bangle.

second step

When your done wrapping the bead in place it should look like the picture below.

step 3Step 3:   Place the next bead on the wire and repeat until you’ve covered the entire bangle. Remember, the beads you have already wrapped in place should be on your right side as you’re working around the bangle. End the bracelet by weaving the end into the previous loops made and trimming any extra length.

Finished Bracelets

 Well, that’s pretty much it! I love the way these gold ones look and as you can see they are super easy to make.  Now that you know how to make these, go ahead and use your imagination to make any number of different bead color combinations.


Triple Fish Tail Rainbow Loom Bracelet Using Two Pencils

Final Triple Fish Tail

Here’s another tutorial where I am using the Rainbow Loom bands, and rather than using the actual Rainbow Loom, you can use two pencils.  After my first tutorial (Rainbow Loom Bracelet without the Loom) I have had a lot of requests for another version, so I hope you like this one.  My daughter loves this version because it’s nice and chunky compared to most other Rainbow Loom bracelets that are just pretty flat and wide.

Here’s what you need:

  • Two Pencils
  • (3) different colors of Rainbow Loom type rubber bands or as many colors as you like.
  • (1) “S” clamp or “C” clamp

Step 1:  Take three bands and twist them making a figure eight around the two pencils.

first step 1

Step 2: Take 3 bands of your next color and place them on your pencils like this…

step 2

Step 3: Pull the bottom set of three bands over the top of each side of the pencil.

step 3

Step 4: Repeat on the other side.  Add in your third color of bands and repeat this process and your bracelet begins to grow longer.
step 4Step 5: Keep repeating and alternating colors until you have the desired length. Then,  attach the plastic clamp to the bottom end. Make sure you get all of the 3 bands into the clamp.

step 5

Step 6:  Carefully pull the bands off the pencils, and make sure not to lose any of them.  pull them apart and this is how we will finish this end…

step 7

Step 7: Take one side and push it through the other side.

step 8

Step 8: Pull the end tight, and keep hold of it.

step 9

Step 9: Attach that looped end to the other end with your clasp, and your bracelet is complete!

step 10

As you can see below, the bottom triple fish tail bracelet looks a lot more chunky than the regular single band fishtail. Of course, this uses 3 times the number of rubber bands, but my daughter and her friends think it looks waaaaay cooler than the simple single one. I totally agree with them.


Well, I hope you like this variation and I’m going to keep scheming and figuring out how to make more bracelets.


If you liked this bracelet tutorial maybe you’ll like these too…

The Inverted Fishtail- No Loom

The Inverted Fishtail- No Loom

Inverted Fishtail Bracelet Without the Loom

Rainbow Loom Bracelets Using Two Pencils

Rainbow Loom Bracelets Using Two Pencils

Fishtail Bracelet without the Loom

Make Rainbow Loom Bracelets Using Two Pencils

Final Image Rainbow Loom

Have you heard of the Rainbow Loom?  If you have kids, it’s a good bet you have. The bracelets are the latest rage with all of the kids these days at school.


Entire Rainbow Loom Kit

Emma, my nine year old, is head over heals for these bracelets.  They are coolest thing since Silly Bands. The thing is, the Rainbow Loom costs between $15-25 depending on where you find it. The loom kit comes with an assorted color starter pack of rubber bands but you will quickly find yourself buying more, and at $4 or so a pack, it all adds up quickly. Well, we figured out a way to create the Fishtail bracelet design by buying just the Rainbow Loom rubber bands and using 2 pencils.


Here’s What You Need:

  • 2 pencils (You could also use knitting needles, but the pencils are much more manageable for younger kids.)
  • Rainbow Loom Bands- (Any craft store or even drug stores sell them.)  You will need about 40-48 for an elementary school kid.  This bracelet took 44.
  • C or S Clamps (These come in the bag with the bands.)

Step 1

Step 1:  Loop the first band over the pencil by twisting it to make a figure eight.  This is the only time you will make a figure eight.

Step 2

Step 2:  Slip the band around the two pencils.  Do not twist.

Step 3

Step 3:  Repeat with a third band.

Step 4Step 4:  Taking the bottom band, loop it up over the pencil. The end of the band be between the two pencils. Repeat by doing this to the other side.  After looping over both sides of the band, slip on a new band.

Step 6

Step 5:  Keep repeating by looping the lowest band over the one you just added.  The bracelet will start to grow in length like this.

Step 7Step 6:  End the bracelet by slipping the bands off of the ends of the pencil.  Connect both ends of the bracelet by sliding each end into an end of the S clamp or the C clamp.

There you have it!  An easy way to make a Rainbow Loom bracelet without the loom and SO kid friendly.  Your kids won’t stop once they get started!


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Triple Fish Tail Bracelet using 2 Pencils

The Triple Fish Tail With Out the Loom

The Inverted Fishtail- No Loom

The Inverted Fishtail- No Loom

The Inverted Fish Tail With Out the Loom

30 Must Make DIY Bracelets

Final Image

I love making jewelry.  So, I gathered 30 great DIY bracelets that are not only pretty easy to make, but great fashion statements for your wardrobe.


1.) DIY Hardware Store Bracelets by Thanks, I Made It.

IMG_1016 2.) DIY: Mixed Metal Friendship Bracelets by Life By Appointment.


3.) DIY Rope Bracelet by Inspiration and Realisation.


4.) DIY Thread Tassel Bracelet by Studs and Pearls.


5.) Leather Friendship Bracelet by Trinkets in Bloom.


6.) DIY Painted Tribal Bracelets by A Dismount Creative DIY.


7.) DIY Summer Bracelets by Shelterness.


8.) DIY Braided T-Shirt Bracelets by Henry Happened.


9.) DIY Gold Tube Bracelets by Honestly WTF.


10.) DIY Leather Bow Bracelet by Oh The Lovely Things.


 11.) DIY Shower Curtain Ring Bracelets by 36th Ave.


12.) DIY Custom Bracelets by Nubby Twiglet.


13.) DIY Anthropologie Cuff by Artzy Creations.


14.) DIY Fishtail Bracelet by Typical House Cat.


15.) DIY Pom Pom Bracelet by Thanks, I Made It.


16.) DIY Dipe Dye Rope Bracelets by Love Maegan.


17.) DIY Rope Bracelets by Made In A Day.


18.) DIY Bracelets by Tabula Rosi.


19.) DIY Aluminum Can Bracelets by Saved By Love Creations.


20.) DIY Charm Bracelet by What I Wore.

Macrame-Charm-Bracelet-B21.) DIY Charm Macrame Bracelets by Pretty Quirky Pants.


22.) DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet by Ice Cream When The Sky Is Gray.


23.) The Jersey Knit Bracelet by V and Co.


24.) DIY: Vinyl Bead Bracelets by Swellmayde.


25.) DIY: Leather + Climbing Rope Macrame Bracelets by Stripes and Sequins.


26.) Chandelier Charm Bracelet by Honestly WTF.


27.) Leather Box Braid Bangles by Sketch42.


28.) DIY Neon Rope Bracelets by Glitter n Glue.


29.) Criss Cross Bead Bracelet by I Spy DIY.


30.) DIY Crochet Bracelet by Trinkets in Bloom.

There you have it!  30 must make DIY bracelets.  I can’t wait to make some of these.  Hope you try some of these great DIY bracelets yourself.


Mexican Inspired Bird Earrings

final image 2

I found these cute bird beads the other day at the bead store and couldn’t resist getting them!  I don’t know why, but I just love birds.  These were definitely calling my name. I love how they reminded me of brightly colored Mexican embroidered birds that you find on traditional Mexican clothing.  I decided I needed these for my wardrobe and I made a quick pair of earrings out of them that took only about 10 minutes.


Here’s what you need:

  • 2 Head Pins
  • 2 Statement Beads 
  • 4 Smaller Contrasting/Coordinating Beads
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

Step 1:

beads on head pins

Place the smaller bead on the head pin followed by the bird bead.  Then place another small bead on top.

Step 2:

bent head pin

Take a pair of flat nose pliers and bend the wire back at a ninety degree angle.

Step 3:

completed earring

Take the round nose pliers loop the head pin down and then wrap around the base.  Trim off the excess length of wire.

Step 4:

Open the earring wire with the round nose pliers.  Loop the bird earring component onto the earring wire.  Close the loop.

final image

 There you have it!  Cute earrings that will look great with lots of outfits!



Easy Memory Wire Bracelet

final image 2

If you have ever wanted to try to make your own jewelry, this is the tutorial for you.  This is a great beginner project that ends up looking like you spent tons of money at the department store for a statement piece of jewelry.  The best part of the project though is that it takes very little time to make.

I fell head over heels for these beautiful brass Ethiopian beads I found at Happy Mango Beads. You can find ones like them here.  If you haven’t checked out Happy Mango Beads, you should.  They have a great selection of unique beads that I’ve never been able to find before.  Also, I couldn’t pass up the fact that they were brass. You know with the gold color being all the latest in fashion.

Here’s what you need:

  • Memory Wire (You can get this at Michael’s.)
  • Large Beads (7mm to 9mm)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Couple of Smaller Beads/Headpins (Optional depending on how you want to finish the bracelet off.)

memory wire bracelet

cut memory wire

Step 1:

Cut several loops of the memory wire.  You will want to choose the smaller of the two sizes of memory wire that are available if you go to Michael’s.  The type I used is pictured above.  The bracelet will grow and conform to your arm.  I cut off seven loops and doubled checked the measurement on my wrist.  Always better to have a little extra than not enough.  Take the pliers and slightly bend an end of the wire.  This will help prevent the beads from falling off the wire.

Step 2:

beading the bracelet


String all of your beads onto the wire.  I made sure that my bracelet wrapped around 6 times.

Step 3:

bracelet ends

Take your round nose needle nose pliers and bend the wire at a 90 degree angle.  Wrap the wire around the tip of the pliers twice, to create a ring at the end.  I did this because the end of these beads have a large opening (not small like regular beads) and this will prevent the beads from sliding off.

Step 4:

ends of the bracelet

You could be done here and finish the end of the cuff bracelet the same way.  However, I wanted the bracelet to have a more finished and polished look to it.  So, take a head pin and a couple of smaller beads that coordinate with your main bead. (I used smaller brass beads and 2 small citrine beads.)  Place the beads onto the head pin like this:

ends of the bracelet 2

Finish this by bending at a 90 degree angle and bending it back to make a loop and wrap. If this was a bit confusing, You can go to my basic earring tutorial here for more instruction.  Place one completed headpin piece on each end of the bracelet by looping it onto the ends.  This is what it looks like when attached to the end.

finished ends

inside of bracelet

This is what the bracelet looks like on the interior side the wrist.

finished bracelet

 That’s it, an easy and simple bracelet to make that will look fabulous with lots of outfits!


Rustic Iron Bird Necklace

final image2

I recently ordered this rustic iron bird pendant from Happy Mango Beads.  I was so excited when it showed up because I loved the shape, look, and feel of this pendant.  If you make your own jewelry, you should definitely check out their site.  The have an extensive variety of beads that are the most unique that I have ever found.  You can even order old ancient Roman glass beads that are between 900-1200 years old.

Rustic Iron Bird

For this pendant, I knew immediately that I wanted to make a long necklace.  I wanted to show you how simple and easy it is to make your own necklace.  And how fast it is too!

Here’s what you need:

  • One Pair of Round Nose Pliers
  • One Pair of Flat Nose Pliers (You can now find both of these at Michael’s.)
  • 2  8mm Jump Rings (Antique Copper Plated)
  • 2  4mm Jump Rings
  • 1 Lobster Clasp

measuring length of the chain

Step 1:

I measured out my copper plated chain.  I wanted it to be the same size as this heart necklace of mine.  This measures roughly 36″ in length.

open jump ring

Step 2:

Take the 8mm jump ring and open it up with the two pairs of pliers.  Loop the bird pendant through. I also slipped on another small heart charm that I had.  Close the jump ring.


Step 3:

At the end of the chain on the left hand side I attached two 4mm jump rings.  On the right hand side I attached a 4 mm jump ring and then and 8mm jump ring for the lobster clasp to go through.  Because my chain is smaller, I wanted a smoother transition with the additional jump rings.

final image 1

That’s it!  It’s so easy to put together.  This took me less than 10 minutes and I now have a one of kind fabulous necklace to go with many pieces in my wardrobe.




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