Geometric Birch Earrings

Artzy Creations_Geometric Birch Earrings Main 1

I’m in love with everything geometric lately as well as gold.  I’m sure you  have seen all of the gold and geometric trends out there.  So, I decided to that I needed to create a pair of earrings that encompasses both of these ideas.  I chose to use very thin Birch plywood this time around because I really liked the contrast of the light wood with the beautiful metallic colors.  I also like to use new or different materials to create a unique one of a kind look.

Here’s What You Need:

Artzy Creations_Geometric Birch Earrings 2a

Step 1:  I created the rounded rectangle shapes for the earrings using the Cricut Explorer.  You can download my free earring file above.  This will create 5 pairs of earrings.   Upload the png file into the Cricut Design Space.  Apply the Birch plywood to the mat and let the Cricut machine do the precise cutting for you.  However, if you don’t have a Cricut, you could still cut these with an X-acto knife.  It would just take you a little longer.

Artzy Creations_Geometric Birch Earrings Supplies 1Step 2:  Mask off the triangle shape with washi tape.  With a paint brush paint (2) coats of paint onto the Birch plywood.

Step 3:  Next, seal the triangle with the acrylic polyurethane and let them dry.  Once this has dried, peel the washi tape off.

Step 4:  To finish off the earrings, take the earring wires and just open the loop at the bottom of the wires with the needle nose pliers and loop through the Birch rectangles.   Close the loop and you are finished.  It’s that simple.

Artzy Creations_Geometric Birch Earrings 3a

Artzy Creations_Geometric Birch Earrings 4a


Artzy Creations_Geometric Birch Earrings 5a

I love how these turned out.  Better yet, I love the quality of Modern Masters Metallic paint.  Having been an art teacher for 18 years, I know that I will always get a great quality paint with colors that I like.  These metallic colors are spot on and look like true gold, silver, and gun metal.  Modern Masters also offers a wide variety of paints specific for pretty much any DIY or home project you may have.  Also,  in a week I will be having a giveaway, so stay tuned for your chance to win some wonderful Modern Masters paint products.

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Product was received for this post.  But, all opinions are 100% my own.

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Artzy Creations_5 min Leather Bracelet Final 1

5 Minute Leather Bracelet

Ice Cream Cone Necklaces

Artzy Creations_Ice Cream Cones Necklaces Final 5a

  My daughters LOVE ice cream.  What kid doesn’t right?  My youngest daughter Lily loves ice cream so much that she once wanted to change her middle name to strawberry ice cream.  Yes, she’s that serious about her ice cream!  Lol!  However, I thought it would be great to make her an ice cream necklace with the new Mod Podge Collage Clay that came out not too long ago.  I saw this Collage Clay online and thought this would be perfect for making swirled ice cream cones and so I had to try it.

Here’s What You Need:

  • Mod Podge Collage Clay (Pink, White)
  • Mod Podge Collage Drizzle Paint (This is optional because you don’t have to put the cherry on top of the ice cream cones.)
  • Fimo
  • Wax Paper
  • Eye Pins
  • Wire Cutters
  • E6000
  • Chain

supplies 1


Artzy Creations_Ice Cream Cone Necklaces 2

Step 1:

The Mod Podge Collage Clay will come with different tips.  Begin be placing the tip that has the jagged edge onto the collage clay bag.  Lay out your wax paper and create your ice cream cone tops by swirling twice around with the collage clay and very gently pulling up at the end to create the pointed tip.  If you have frosted cakes, this is the same concept. I made my ice cream cone tops about the size of a dime.  However, you can make them any size you like.

Artzy Creations_Ice Cream Cone Necklaces with Eye Pins 1


Step 2:

Hold and eye pin next to the ice cream top and cut the eye pin with wire cutters.  While the ice cream cone top is still wet, place this into the center of your ice cream cone.  Take the red drizzle paint and make a cherry on top.  Let this dry at least two days until firm to the touch.

Artzy Creations_Ice Cream Cones Necklaces 4

Step 3:

Take a small amount of Fimo clay and start kneading it to soften it up.  Form it into an ice cream cone shape.  Take a tooth pick to hollow out the center of the cone and to help form the cone shape.  Hold the ice cream cone up to the ice cream cone tops to see if they’re the right size as you make them.  Follow the directions on the Fimo package for baking the clay in the oven.

Step 4:

Glue the ice cream cone top top to the bottom with the E6000 and let dry.  Feed the chain through the eye pin.


Artzy Creations_Ice Cream Cones Necklaces 6

Artzy Creations_Ice Cream Cones Necklaces Final 2a

 There you have it!  These ice cream cone necklaces make great  small gifts for kids or better yet birthday party favors. Kids woill flip over these.  These are just so much fun and my daughter LOVES these so much that she is going to wear one on her first day of school.

Artzy Creations_Ice Cream Cones Necklaces Final 1a

Thank you again to the 3 FABulous sisters from Made From Pinterest for having me again this month.  I will see you next month with another great “Artzy” project for you.

Melanie Artz_150x150


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 In the mean time, check out these fun projects to make as well…

Artzy Creations_5 min Leather Bracelet Final 1

5 Minute Leather Bracelet

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5 Minute Leather Bracelet

Artzy Creations_5 min Leather Bracelet Final 1

Having made jewelry for a while now, I have to say this is one of the easiest bracelets I’ve ever made.  This is the perfect bracelet if you are a beginner and just starting to make jewelry pieces   This bracelet is so easy that you’ll find you just might be making them for all of your friends and family.

Artzy Creations_supplies for 5 minute leather bracelet 1

Materials You Will Need:


Step 1:  Have the licorice leather cut to 16″ because the bracelet will be doubled up.  This also depends on your wrist size.  If you want you bracelet to be a bit roomier, then you might want to add a little more length.

Artzy Creations_Slider for 5 Minute Leather Bracelet 1

Step 2:  Slide the ends of the leather in the clasp.  Test to make sure the bracelet is the right length for you.  If it is not, take a pair of scissors and trim the ends of the leather just a little bit.  Repeat if the bracelet is too long.

Artzy Creations_Sliding Leather Ends Into The Bracelet 1

Step 3:  Put either E6000 or Super New Glue on the ends of your Licorice Leather .  Both adhesives will hold just as well, but Super New Glue will dry in no time & the  E6000  will need a little more dry time.  Also, let both glues sit over night to ensure that the glue has had enough dry time.

Artzy Creations_5 min Leather Bracelet 1

Artzy Creations_5 min Leather Bracelet Final 2a

It’s that easy!  I can’t believe I waited this long to make one of these bracelets.  You will truly enjoy making  these and better yet wearing them.



DIY Leather Chevron and Navajo Bracelets

Artzy Creations_Chevron and Navajo Bracelet Main 2

I have some exciting news to share with everyone.  I’ve been busting at the seams to tell you  that I’ve been asked to be a part of the Cricut Next Design Space Star competition.  I am hugely honored to be a part of this competition and have the chance to create with such a talented group of people. I’m on Team #14 with some very talented and crafty ladies.  For the next couple of months, we will be be given different challenges as part of the Cricut Next Design Space Star.


Our challenge for this round was fashion/gear.  Our team decided on the theme of geometric to incorporate with the overall fashion/gear challenge.   Immediately, I was inspired to create jewelry.  As many of you know, I love jewelry and love to create it.  I’ve been inspired lately by all of the gold, chevron, and navajo trends as of late.   I have to admit that I feel a little bit like a contestant on Project Runway and can hear Tim Gunn in my head right now saying, “Get to it.”  Lol!

Here’s What You Need:

I started by creating my design in Illustrator and uploading it to Cricut Design Space.  From there, it was easy to size the bracelet to the exact size that I wanted.  I ended up going with 7.75″ for the length and .75″ in width.  The best part about this is if I wanted to make the bracelet thicker… no problem.  Just adjust the sizing in the Cricut Design Space before you cut it out of the leather.  The same is true if I needed additional length in the bracelet. I love this option because I can size the bracelets perfectly to my wrist size.  

Artzy Creations_Chevron Navajo Bracelets_Cricut Design Space

Next, apply the leather to the cutting mat & load it into the Cricut. Because the leather I was using wasn’t very thick, I used the standard blade, not a deep cut blade. Now, locate your cut-able image on your Mat preview. Adjust the Smart Set Dial to “Custom” then, in the Design Space choose the “Leather, Light (1.1 mm) Deep Cut” setting. Press “Go” on the Cricut and let it do it’s thing.

Artzy Creations_Chevron Navajo Bracelets_Cricut Smart Set Dial

Once your bracelets have been cut, CAREFULLY and Slowly peel them off of the sticky mat. Now you can add your snaps… This isn’t very difficult but you have to pay attention to which side the different parts go on.

Artzy Creations_Chevron Navajo Bracelets_Snaps

It’s that simple…

B e a u t i f u l

F u n

M o d e r n

Artzy Creations_Chevron Navajo Bracelets Final 1

Artzy Creations_Chevron Navajo Bracelets Main 1

I love how these turned out and the way they resemble metal.

***UPDATE***  My project on the Cricut Design Space Pinterest Board here.  Please pin if your on Pinerest!  That would be awesome to share the Pinterest love and for a chance to win! 😉

Disclosure:  I received my Cricut Explore as part of the Cricut Design Space Star competition. Even though I am not being directly compensated for this post, I am competing in the Cricut Design Space Star. I may receive prizes in exchange for a winning project. All opinions are 100% my own.  


Inverted Fish Tail Rainbow Loom Bracelet Using Two Pencils

final image

 Here’s a great version of the Rainbow Loom Bracelet Without the Loom called an Inverted Fish Tail. This is really easy and my daughter was able to create this bracelet in no time, so, I highly recommend this version of a Rainbow Loom Bracelet.

Things You Will Need:

  • Rainbow Loom Bands
  • Two Pencils

RainbowLoomBraceletWO Loom_Directions

Step 1:  Make a figure eight with the first band looping over the two pencils.

Step 2:  Loop a second band over the two pencils.

Step 3:  Loop a third band over the two pencils.

Step 4: Next, I did a regular fish tail step by just pulling the red band up and over the orange and yellow bands.

Step 5: I did another regular fish tail step with the orange band pulling it up and over yellow and green bands.

Step 6:  Start the inverted fish tail bracelet by pulling the middle band down past the bottom band.  I pulled the pink band below the purple band.  Then pull the purple band up and over the pencil.  Repeat this step on the other side.  Add another band to the top so you always have three bands going at a time.  Repeat until you achieve the desired length.

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Triple Fish Tail Bracelet using 2 Pencils

Triple Fish Tail Bracelet using 2 Pencils

Rainbow Loom Bracelets without the Loom:  The Triple Fish Tail

Rainbow Loom Bracelets Using Two Pencils

Rainbow Loom Bracelets Using Two Pencils

Rainbow Loom Bracelets without the Loom Using Just Two Pencils



Modern Sea Glass Necklace

Final Image

I have always loved sea glass.  There’s something about the simplicity of the sea glass and the worn weathered smoothness that shapes each individual piece.  I found these beautiful frosted sea glass beads and knew I had to make a necklace.

Here’s What You Need:

  • Silver Chain ( I used 17″ of Sterling Silver Chain because I had it on hand.  You can use any type of silver or silver looking chain.)
  • 20 Gauge Sterling Silver Wire (or Silver Wire)
  • 2 Small Jump Rings
  • 1 Larger Jump Ring
  • 1 Clasp (I used a Lobster Clasp.)

Divide Chain in Half

Step 1: Take your chain and cut it in half with the wire cutters.

Making the Bar For the Beads

Step 2: You will be making the bar that holds the sea glass beads.  For your bar, you will make two loops on the ends using wire wrapping techniques.  Start by taking the silver wire and loop it through one end of chain and bend it.  You’re going to make the first loop.  Make sure to have a little extra wire because you will need it to wrap around the loop.

Making the Bar For the Beads2

Step 3: Bend around to create the loop.

Making the Bar For the Beads3

Step 4: Wrap around roughly 2 1/2 times and cut the wire with the cutters.

Making the Bar For the Beads4

Step 5: Thread the beads onto the wire.  Once your sea glass beads have been threaded, finish the bar by repeating the steps up above.

Finishing Necklace

Step 6:  To finish the necklace, take the two small jump rings and open them up.  Place on either end of the chain.  Before closing, attach the lobster clasp to one side and close the jump ring.  Loop the large jump ring into the small one, and close both.

Me With The Necklace

I think this makes for a great piece of jewelry.  Simple and modern!

Final Image2

I hope you like it!


DIY Gold Beaded Hoops

final image_1

Here’s a really easy jewelry tutorial for a great looking pair of beaded hoops. These are fun and so versatile that they will go with any outfit.  If you’re looking for an easy DIY jewelry project, this is the one for you.  I found these perfect beautifully hand crafted beads from Ethiopia on the  Happy Mango Beads site.  If you have never checked out this bead website,  you should.  They have a great selection of unique one of a kind beads that are hard to find.


Here’s What You Need:

  • Gauge Wire
  • Ethiopian Brass Beads ( From Happy Mango Beads or you can use any gold colored type of bead.)
  •  Wire Cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers


Step 1:  Cut the wire to roughly eight inches.


Step 2:  Take the wire and bend it into a hoop.


Step 3:  Create a loop on one end and leave part of the wire hanging down.  On the other side, bend the wire.  After you have done this, on the side with the loop, fit the end of the wire down into the beads to disguise the end.

fininshing the loop

Step 4:  Push all of the beads together to make sure there is no gap in the wire as you are getting ready to tighten the hoop.  Wire wrap the long end of the wire at least three times and then trim it with the wire cutters.  When you trim the wire, make sure the end is to the back.  This will make for a much more finished look.  Attach the ear wires by opening them and attaching the hoops onto them.

final image 3

Final image 2

 Don’t have a Mother’s Day gift?  This would make a great one.  Quick, easy & beautiful.

If you like jewelry tutorials, check out this quick easy bracelet tutorial here.

Easy Beaded Bangles



Easy Faux Enameled Heart Necklace

final image2

This is a wonderful jewelry project for kids to create a lasting memory piece for Mom’s, Aunt’s, Grandma’s, you name it.  This is perfect for the upcoming Mother’s Day too.  All you need is a couple of plain metal charms, nail polish, clear coat nail polish, and you’ll have faux enameled charms that make a perfect gift in minutes.  I loved doing this project with my girls, and they loved making them too. What young girl doesn’t love nail polish and the chance to paint their own charm.

Here’s What You Need:

  • Different Colored Nail Polish
  • Clear Coat
  • Metal Charms (Any shape or size.)
  • Chain (My chain length was 30″.)
  • Clasp
  • (4) Jump Rings
  • Needle Nose Pliers

nail_polish pic



Step 1:  Begin by getting all of your different colored nail polishes out and start painting the charms. If you have kids completing these, you’ll want to encourage them to put color in a couple of different places.


Step 2:  After the charm is covered with all the different colors of nail polish, let it dry for a couple of minutes.  You can speed up this process by taking a hair dryer to the charm.  After a minute or two, take the top coat and seal the charm.  Let the charm dry with the clear coat or use the hair dryer once again.


Step 3:  When putting the chain together for the necklace.  You have one of two options.  One, you can join the chain together with just a jump ring because the length of your chain is so long it can slip over your head.  Option two, is to make it like a traditional necklace with a clasp.  I opted for the second option only because I like the more finished necklace look but kept the length long enough where I could slip it over my head.  Begin by opening up the jump rings and hook them onto the end of the chain.  Close the jump rings on the end of the chain, using the needle nose pliers and attaching your clasp if desired.


Step 4:  Find the middle of the chain.  Attach the charm, by looping the jump ring through the chain and the hole in the charm and then closing it with the needle nose pliers.  To attach the other charm, I just slightly staggered the two charms by locating the top one just above the bottom charm and then attached it.  This way the second charm is not entirely covered by the first.

final image 2

There you have it!  It’s that simple and cute.  I now have a piece of jewelry designed by two girls that I will cherish forever.


30 Second DIY Cuff Bracelet

Final Image

Hands down and by far the easiest bracelet you will ever make in your life.  No kidding.  It really does take all of 30 seconds to make this bracelet and I LOVE the results.  This is a must try especially if you don’t have any jewelry experience.  All you need is gluing experience which I know you have! 🙂


Here’s What You Need:

  • E6000 Adhesive
  • Brass Cuff Bracelet (It’s 1.5″ thick.  You can find them here.)
  • Large Blue Faceted Agate Stone (They have a great selection here.  This is 45 x 58mm)

Agate Stone With Glue

Step 1:

Look at your stone and determine which side you want face up.  Flip it over and apply the E6000 adhesive.

Bracelet with stone

Step 2:  

Place your stone in the middle of the cuff giving it a firm push to hold it in place.  Let it dry.

30 Sec DIY Cuff 04

There you have it!  It’s so simple and such a great statement piece for anyone’s wardrobe.  Can you say… LOVE IT!

Finished Bracelet 1


Gold Agate Cuff Bracelet

Final Agate Cuff2

I love statement pieces.  So, when I found these beautiful agate graduated beads, I new these would be perfect for a fun, modern cuff bracelet.  This bracelet is so easy to make in less than an hour.

Agate Cuff Materials

Here’s What You Need:

  • Brass Cuff Bracelet
  • 20 – 25 Agate Graduated Beads ( I purchased my strand from here and had plenty of left over beads for other projects.  I used size 20- 60 mm beads.)
  • E6000 Adhesive

Agate Cuff Placing Beads 3

Step 1: Sort out your stones.  Center the longest bead in the middle of the cuff.  Apply the E6000 on the bottom of the stone.  Apply to the bracelet and hold it in place for a little bit.  Add a couple of stones at a time and let them dry for a bit.  It’s important not to add too many at once, otherwise they will slide off of the bracelet due to the weight of the stones.

Agate Cuff Placing Beads 2

Here is a picture of the bracelet in the process.  I worked on the rest of the bracelet in steps.  First, I did the right hand side and propped it up to support the beads and keep them from sliding.  Then, I did the left hand side until it was completely dry.

Agate Cuff 05

That’s it. To be honest the hardest part for me was finding the patience to wait for the adhesive to dry 🙂


I hope you liked this idea and tutorial. If you like DIY cuff bracelets here are some other’s you might enjoy…

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