15 Easy DIY Hair Updo’s

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I’m always looking for new inspiration for my hair and great ways that I can wear it. Here’s a great round up of 15 Easy Hair Updo’s.

twisted side ponytail2

1.) The Twisted Side Ponytail by A Beautiful Mess.

Two minute tuck2

2.) An Easy Tuck by Treasures and Travels.


3.) Easier Than What It Looks Updo by The Small Things Blog.

braid into sock bun

4.) Braid into Sock Bun Source Unknown

Quick Twist

5.) The Quick Twist by The Beauty Department.

simple french roll

6.) Simple French Roll by Joycotton.

fishtail bun

7.) Fishtail Top Knot Tutorial by The Shine Project.


8.) The Infinity Bun by The Beauty Department.


9.) The Dutch Braid Bun by The Modest Mom.

sideways french twist

10.) The Side French Twist by The Small Things Blog.

charlize-headband-sparkle-14 copy

11.) Charlize Headband Hair Do by The Projectville.

the headscarf tutorial

12.) The Head Scarf Tutorial by Keiko Lynn

Braided Updo

13.) Braided Headband Updo by Hair and Makeup by Steph.


14.) The Knotted Bun Tutorial by Once Wed.


15.) The Fast and Easy Twist by Sidewalk Ready.

There you have it. 15 Great DIY hair updo’s for any occasion!  I can’t wait to try some.

Happy Monday!


15 Perfect Hairstyles for the Holidays

Final Image

The holidays are that wonderful time for glamming it up and having that special look.  So, here are 15 perfect hairstyles for the holidays.

holiday-hairstyles-131.) French braid with a bun by Hot Beauty Health.
the-twist-bun-434x3512.) C’est Chic Hairstyle by The Beauty Deapartment.


3.) A more relaxed hairstyle by Mclaughlin Designs.

349x5294.) Total glam style by Unknown.

351x529 (1)

5.) Beautiful Wrap Dutch Braid by Express-O.


6.) Classic Hollywood Chic Hairstyle by New York Girl Style.


7.) Great Pinned Curls Up Do by AlexLilly.


8.) Side Twisted with Bun by Hair Romance.

LACMA's Art And Film Gala Honoring Clint Eastwood And John Baldessari - Arrivals

9.) The Classic Top Knot look by Daily Makeover.


10.) The French Braid Up Do by Fasion Passion.


11.) The French Braid Crown by Oh So Lovely Obsession via Tumbler.


12.) Simple Loose Bun with Added Barrettes by Revel.


13.) Another Beautiful Bun with a stunning rhinestone clip by Utterly Engaged.


14.) Tucked in Fish Tail by Daily Makeover.


15.) Great Swirled French Braid by Tendances De Mode.

There you have it!  15 perfect hairstyles for the holidays.


Romantic Rosette Braid


Final Image copy


Here’s a really easy hair tutorial that is great for any occasion and gives that romantic feel to the ordinary blah, what do I do with my hair day.

image 1

Step 1.

Pull your hair back and secure with a rubber band.  I prefer using the clear rubber bands especially if you have light colored hair.

Making Three Braids

Step 2:

Divide hair roughly into three sections and make three braids.  Secure each one with a rubber band.

Three Braids

Making Rosette

Step 3:

Take each braid separately and wrap it in a circle.  Tuck the end underneath.  Pin the rosette a couple of times.  I use two mirrors when doing this so I can see how the rosettes are turning out.  Adjust the braids as needed to make them look like rosettes.

Final BraidThere you have it!  A very simple and romantic look!  It’s so simple and just perfect for the holidays or any time.


30 Beautiful Braided Tutorials

final image 2

I love to wear my hair in braids any chance I get.  So, I decided to put together a great list of 30 beautiful braided tutorials.  I can’t wait to try these out and add some variety to my every day hairstyle routine.  I also made sure that all of these tutorials link to the actual tutorial. 🙂


1.) A Twist Headband and Braid Tutorial by Join The Mood.


2.) The Double Braid Hair Tutorial by Sincerely Kinsey.


3.) The Brisk Braid Wrap by Beauty Tutorial.


4.) The Draped French Braid by My Shine Project.


5.) The Simple Lace Braid by Bobby Glam.


6.) The Side Braid Tutorial by Beauty-Tutorial.

Hair-Romance-hairstyle-tutorial-half-crown-braid (1)

7.) Half Crown Hair Braid Tutorial by Hair Romance.


8.) The Halo Braid Tutorial by Express-O.


9.) The Classic Fish Tail Braid by Once Wed.

DSC_0804 copy copy

10.) The Pigtail Double Braid by The Shine Project.


11.) The Dutch Side Braid by Hair Romance.


12.) The Messy Rope Braid by Love Maegan.


13.) The Crown Braid Tutorial by Once Wed.

boho rose braid

14.) The Boho Rose Braid by Hair and Makeup By Steph.

The cascade waterfall braid

15.) The Waterfall Braid by Hairstyles Tutorial.


16.) The Boho Braid by The Beauty Department.


17.) The Flower Dutch Braid by Glammzle.


18.) The Four Strand Braid by A Cup Of Jo.


19.) The Five Strand Braid by Hair Styles Weekly.


20.) The French Braid Fringe by Bobby Glam.


21.) The Waterfall Braided Bun by Hair Romance on Oh The Lovely Things.


22.) The Unicorn Braid by Bobby Glam.

tra - Version 2

23.) The Princess Braid Tutorial by Twist Me Pretty.

knotted bun maiden braid hair tutorial-2

24.) The Twisted Maiden Braid by Sincerely Kinsey.


25.) Tiny Fish Tails by Join the Mood.

Braided Bun

26.) The Rose Bud Braid Bun by Makeup Wearables.


27.) The French Braided Ponytail by Yet Another Beauty Site.


28.) The Maiden Braid With Fabric by A Beautiful Mess.


29.) The Side Fish Tail Bun by Once Wed.

TBDswirlyupdo30.)  The Inside Out French Braid and Two Twist by The Beauty Department.

There you have 30 Beautiful Braided Tutorials.  Can’t wait to try some of these.  Hope you have fun trying them too!


5 Min. Top Knot

final image

Here’s a really simple hair tutorial for a messy top knot.  These are great for those days when your hair isn’t cooperating or you just don’t want to deal with your hair.

Step 1:

hair pulled up

Put your hair in a very high ponytail on the top of your head.

Step 2:

flipped ponytail

Flip your pony tail over and take a comb and tease your hair.

Step 3:

flipping over again

 Flip your ponytail back over.

Step 4:wrapping top knot

Wrap your hair around the base of your ponytail.  Make sure to wrap this pretty loosely (not too tight).

hair clips

Step 5:

securing top knot

Secure your top knot with bobby pins or magic grip hair pins.  I find that because I have so much hair, the magic grip hair pins are perfect for the weight of my hair.  I also don’t have to use an excessive amount of bobby pins.  So, if you have a lot of hair I highly recommend trying the magic grip hair pins.  I got mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply Store.

Adjust your messy top knot.  Pull at the sides a little bit if you need too.

finished top knot

There you have it!  So, simple and easy to do.


10 Beautiful Hair Bun Tutorials

  Here’s 10 great hair bun tutorials for short and long hair.

final image



1.) The Top Knot by Running On Happiness.

short bun hairstyle

2.) The Braided Bun by The Beauty Department.  This is a great hairstyle for short hair.

fishtail bun

3.) The Fishtail Bun by Oncewed.

fun bun

4.) The Fun Bun by The Beauty Department.


5.)  A pretty side braids into a messy bun by Bobby Glam.

tt166.) The low side bun by Random Tuesdays.


7.) The bow bun by Long Hair Styles How To.


8.) The Sock Bun by the Wedding Chicks.


9.) The braided bun by Long Hair Styles How To.

10.) The triple braided bun by Camille Styles.

Hope you enjoyed these tutorials.  I can’t wait to try several of these out myself.


30 Prom Hairstyles


prom feature imageThis post is for my friends daughter who is getting ready to go to prom.  I know young ladies are looking for the latest in hair styles, especially for a big event like prom.  So, for all of you out there who are getting ready for this big event, I hope you find a great hair style and have a wonderful time! 🙂


1.) This is a beautiful hair style that is listed as a bridal hairstyle, but, this would be perfect for prom too.  At Long Hair Style How To’s.



2.)  A half up and half down hairstyle featured by Style Craze.


3.) A waterfall braid with a soft wave hair style from Long Hair Style How To’s


4.) Braids and a messy bun for a stunning look by Your Hair Style Ideas.


5.) A side French braid with a messy bun by The Beauty Thesis.


6.) A pretty and simple bun by Style Me Pretty.


7.) A beautiful take on a Dutch braid using a fish tail braid instead.


8.) A beautiful updo with criss cross pieces and pinned curls by Project Wedding.


8.) A simple chignon that is very soft looking by Hair and Make-Up By Steph.


9.) A great updo called a conch shell braid by Modern Salon.


10.) A half up and half down hair style with a beautiful clip by Petals By Xavi.


11.) Love the modern messy hair style with the braids and the head band by Fashion Gone Rogue.


12.) The dramatic bun for a sleek, polished look by Bridal Musings.


13.) A great updo if you have bangs with the braided crown by Kirsty.


14.) The princess braid updo by Ebeauty Blog.  This site also has a lot of other hair styles that you may want to check out as well.


15.) The low ponytail style with a wave is a real show stopper by Long Hair Styles How To’s.


16.) Here’s a great updo with a cascading ponytail by Hair and Makeup by Steph.


17.) The half up and half down with beautiful curls by Zaphron Prom.  This site also has lots of videos that show you how to do the hairstyles as well, if your good with your own hair.


18.) A pretty updo by Styles New.


19.) A gorgeous side bun by XC Sunny Hair.

whimsical wedding bliss

20.)  I love the beautiful soft waves by For Your Happily Ever After.


21.) Another beautiful updo with rhinestone pins by Zimbio.


22.) Great updo with side curly tendril by Zimbio.


23.) Curly updo with two side tendrils by Wedding Cakes.


24.) Beautiful side bun by Wedding Cakes.


25.) Here’s a very fancy bun that incorporates pinned curls, braids, rhinestones, and a clip in the front by Zimbio.


25.) A French twist hairstyle with rhinestones and flowers by Hair Cut Style.


26.) Another side bun with a variation of a French braid.  So pretty and unique by Elleuk.


27.) Can’t forget the classic high ponytail with waves by Liz Fields.


28.) I love this high messy bun with the bows by Everything Fab.

braided reverse ponytail hairstyle hero web

29.) Beautiful updo with a reverse French braid or Dutch braid by Chelsea Belle Bryant.


30.) A twist on the classic Chignon by Bridal Musings.

I hope ladies you have found some great hair styles for prom !  I tried to make sure that all of the images were linked to sites that had additional hairstyles or were at least linked to a site instead of just a picture.  I also wanted you to be able to view as many hair styles at once without going to to many sites and having to take too much time because I know you have a lot to do before your big night!


25 Fun Ponytail Tutorials

25 great ponytail tutorials

Here are some great tutorials on how to have fun with your ponytail and how to create several different looks.


1.) Here’s a great vintage ponytail look by The Beauty Department.


2.) The side sweep pony tail by Joanna of A Cup of Jo.

Doubletwist Ponytail

3.) A double twist ponytail by A Bird’s Leap.


4.) Another version of a twisted ponytail by Hair Romance


5.) Ponytail with a twist Long Hair Style How Tos


6.) The Double Knot Side Ponytail by Sorella Salon and Spa.

Punky Ponytail Hair Tutorial

7.) The punky ponytail by Hairstyle-Tutorial.


8.) The messy braid and ponytail by Long Hair Styles How To.

french-twist-and-ponytail9.) The french twist and ponytail by Long Hair Styles How To.


10.) The 60’s ponytail by Bellamumma.


11.) Here’s the wrapped ponytail which is so easy to do by Artzy Creations.

bubble pony

12.) The bubble ponytail by The Shine Project.


13.) The fancy ponytail by The Small Things Blog.

xWD- -Juut-Haircare_100.jpg.pagespeed.ic.HcJBCO-Mfp

14.) The deconstructed ponytail by Wit and Delight.


15.) The Romance Topsy Tail Ponytail by Hair Romance.

kim kardashian sleep ponytail holiday hair tutorial 6

16.) The sleek and high ponytail by The Freckled Fox.


17. The poofy ponytail by M Up North.


18.) Two side braids by Beauty-Tutorial.


19.) The Fish Braid Ponytail by Sidewalk Ready.


20.) Here’s how to make a fuller ponytail in 2 minutes by Artzy Creations.


21.) The Pretty Ponytail by Latest-Hairstyles.


22.) The messy ponytail by Sidewalk Ready.


23.) I love this ponytail bow by Yet Another Beauty Site.

frenchbraidedponytail (1)

24.) The french braided ponytail by Yet Another Beauty Site.


25.) Last but not least, the minimalist triple ponytail by Fashion Passion.

There you have it.  25 fun ponytail tutorials to do something different with that boring old ponytail.   Hope your found some inspiration.  Enjoy!

Easy Swirled French Braid


final image copyThis is a great version of the french braid.  It literally takes 5 minutes to do.  This hair style is perfect for parties, weddings, or for any hot summer day.

Step 1:

step 1 of the swirled french braid

 Start by parting your hair over to the right side for the french braid.  You are working at a diagonal  across your head.  If you don’t know how to do a french braid, take three strands of hair.  As you braid with the three strands, you gather more hair before you work it into your braid.  There are great tutorials out there for you for the basic french braid.

Step 2:

step 2 of the swirled french braid

Continue the french braid at a diagonal.  You can see I kept pulling the hair over from the left side up and over.  You will need a comb to make sure you hair lays down flat.  Finish the braid and braid all the way down.

Step 3:

step 3 of the swirled french braid

Pull the braid up and twist it around.

Step 4:

step 4 of the swirled french braid

Pin and tuck the remaining hair underneath.  I always use two mirrors to check out how the hair style came together and I make adjustments.

Pin a flower in the center if you have one or just leave it as is. Enjoy!


Runway Ready Look In Minutes!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to wrap your ponytail and make it look sleek and awesome!

Step 1: Start by putting your hair in a ponytail.

Step #2: Take a small section of your ponytail.  I try to grab the section from underneath my ponytail.  I know from experience that my hair will end, after I have wrapped it around a couple of times, at the underside of my ponytail.  This is ultimately where you want you want the end of your hair to end up.  This may take a little practice on your part.  You will have to figure out with the length of your hair, how many times it will wrap,  and exactly where to grab your section of hair (side/bottom) depending on the your length.

Step 3:  Pull your hair up and wrap around your ponytail.

Step 4:  Bobby pin your hair underneath into the bottom of your ponytail.

Step 5:

There you have it!  A sleek and modern runway look in minutes.  Hope your enjoy it!

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