Free Fall Coloring Page

Fall-Coloring-Page-Artzy Creations 1

Hi Everyone!  Today, I’m sharing with you my first FREE Coloring Page.  I have been wanting to create these for so long and finally got the chance to get one done and I’m so excited to be able to share it  with all of you.  In the spirit of fall, the coloring page has everything that  comes to mind of when you think of fall.  I hope you and your family enjoy coloring this as much as I did.  I truly do find this to be a relaxing and fun outlet.  You kind of forget how relaxing coloring can be when you haven’t just sat down and colored for so long.  So, sit back, have a nice cup of coffee or tea and enjoy this fun coloring page by yourself or  spend some quiet quality time with your kids as they do some coloring as well.


Fall-Coloring-Page-Artzy Creations 2   Fall-Coloring-Page-Artzy Creations 3

Enjoy, and PLEASE let me know how you feel about this coloring page.  I would love to hear from you!


Inspirational Felt Banner

Inspirational-Felt-Banner-Artzy Creations 6a

This post was originally created for Darice.  I love all things inspirational. From prints, to cards, to photos.  With my oldest daughter starting middle school this week, I thought it would be great to make her an inspirational felt banner that will be a reminder for her that she will do great in middle school this year.  What I love most about this easy felt crafts project is that it would be perfect any where in one’s home.  This would also be a fun addition to an office space too. Let’s get started and see just how easy this inspirational banner is to make.

Felt Crafts – Inspirational Banner Supplies:


Step 1.  Cut a large rectangular piece of felt.  I cut mine to 16″ x 18″.


Step 2.  Fold the felt piece in half.  Cut the bottom at and angle to create the point on the banner.


Step 4.  For cutting out the letters, cut pieces of felt at roughly 2.5″ x 3″.  Cut the felt crafts letters out.  If you are uncomfortable free handing the letters, use a sewing marker to draw the letters out or you can print them and use them as templates.

Step 5.  Glue the letters in place using tacky glue or hot glue.

Step 6.  Add trim to the bottom of the banner using the glue. I used this super cute pom pom trim.

Step 7.  Create a large tassel with yarn using the tutorial from my Mini DIY Tassel Stretch Bracelet.  Just increase the size of the cardboard that you would normally use for a mini tassel in order to create a larger tassel.  Tie a piece of yarn to both sides of the dowel rod.

Inspirational-Felt-Banner-Artzy Creations 7a

I love how these felt crafts turned out and what a great reminder for my daughter!  I think I need to make one for my office at school because it’s just so bright and cheery.


Inspirational-Felt-Banner-Artzy Creations 8Here it is in her room and it’s just perfect!  You can also customize these felt crafts banners to fit any size and space you like.  So, here’s to making some fun inspirational banners. Enjoy!


Hedgie the Hedgehog Mix Media Painting

Hedgehog-Mixed Media-Decoart-Artzy Creations 2

I have always loved creating mixed media pieces.  They  really are my favorite to create.  I haven’t actually created one in quite some time and forgot how much I love making them.  Well, this piece was inspired by my daughter and her love of hedgehogs.  My six year old, Lily, is obsessed with hedgehogs and I can’t blame her…  they are super cute.  She has a couple of stuffed animal hedgehogs and one she has named Hedgie.  Besides hedgehogs, my daughter loves to read.  I thought, why not create a painting for her bedroom that incorporates two of her favorite things?  I also knew she would be over the moon for such a painting 🙂

Well, for this project, I got to test out DecoArt’s Mixed Media line of fluid acrylics, modeling paste, texture sand paste, and matte medium.  I have to say that I’m completely hooked.  I love the ease in which you can mix the acrylic paints and the coverage and vibrancy is absolutely amazing.  I’ve used all different types of paints throughout my eighteen years of teaching art,  and this quality is unbeatable. Well, one of the best parts is that DecoArt now has the line available in select Jo-Ann Fabric stores and also at

Hedgehog-Mixed Media-Decoart-Artzy CreationsHow To Create Your Own Mixed Media Painting:

Supplies Needed:

  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics
  • DecoArt Modeling Paste
  • DecoArt Texture Sand Paste
  • DecoArt Matte Medium
  • 12″ x 12″ Canvas
  • Stencil (Any pattern will work.)
  • Spatula
  • Various Size Paint Brushes
  • Scrap Book Paper
  • Vintage Fabric/Regular Fabric
  • Skewer
  • Scissors

Hedgehog-Mixed Media-Decoart-Artzy Creations 3

Step 1:  Tear a piece of scrapbook paper and cover the 12 x 12 canvas. Don’t make this exactly the same size as the canvas. That’s part of the fun of Mixed media… the lack of Precision :).  Adhere the paper using the DecoArt Matte Medium by first brushing it onto the canvas and then brushing to cover the paper. Then let it dry.

Step 2:  Cover the sides using the same process.

Hedgehog-Mixed Media-Decoart-Artzy Creations 4

Step 3: Mix the DecoArt Texture Sand Paste with the DecoArt Fluid Acrylics.  Lay your stencil out and apply the mixture with a spatula.  Apply in a couple of areas on your canvas.  Let this dry thoroughly.

Hedgehog-Mixed Media-Decoart-Artzy Creations 5

Step 4:  Mix the DecoArt Modeling Paste with the fluid acrylics and apply around the edges.  Take a skewer and create a fun border pattern.  This doesn’t have to be perfect and it definitely doesn’t have to be the same coverage throughout. Let this dry thoroughly.

Hedgehog-Mixed Media-Decoart-Artzy Creations 6

Step 5:  Using the fluid acrylics again, paint the background. Also, once again, don’t worry about even coverage. In fact this is how you get depth… by building it up in some places and leaving the transparency in others. Here you can see,  I used a mixture of green and a bright lime green. I also didn’t paint the entire canvas since I knew I was putting my paper and fabric on top.

Hedgehog-Mixed Media-Decoart-Artzy Creations 7

Step 6:  Using a pencil, I outlined the size and where I wanted  my hedgehog.  Once again, I used the DecoArt Matte Medium, and applied the scrapbook paper, creating the body of the hedgehog.  I also used vintage fabric for the inside of the body and applied it with the Matte Medium as well.

Hedgehog-Mixed Media-Decoart-Artzy Creations 8

Step 7:  I painted around the body, filled in the feet and hands, created the face with all the features, and started outlining all of it in black.  You can put as much detail in as you want or as little… just have fun with it, but don’t overdo it. It’s easy to get carried away.

Step 8:  Finishing outlining the body and the book.  I also went back in and put “read” on the spine of the book and gave Hedgie a cute pair of glasses. Sometimes it’s the small details that really make a work come to life.

Hedgehog-Mixed Media-Decoart-Artzy Creations 9

So, thanks to this bundle of cuteness and also to Hedgie, for the inspiration for this mixed media painting. Also, a big thank you to DecoArt for providing me with the fantastic paints and other mixed media supplies.

Hedgehog-Mixed Media-Decoart-Artzy Creations 12

Hedgehog-Mixed Media-Decoart-Artzy Creations 10

 Mixed media is so much fun.  If you haven’t tried it, there truly isn’t a right or a wrong way. The trick is it’s all about layering and allowing the layers to show through. If you’d like more educational tips and even some videos, you can check out the DecoArt Mixed Media Program.  They even have beginner videos too! This is a great site and resource to explore the various types of products such as the Antiquing Cream, Misters, and Crackling Paste and the effects they can produce in a work of art. And as if that wasn’t enough, for more inspiration and ideas, go ahead and follow the DecoArt Mixed Media Blog or you can even sign up to receive their Newsletter.

Whether you’re an experienced mixed media artist or a complete novice, you will love this line.  The DecoArt Matte Medium really adheres and dries quickly. The Modeling & Texture Sand Paste help add a new depth and texture to your work and the vibrant colors and excellent coverage really make the DecoArt Fluid Acrylics pop.

I just can’t wait to make another Mixed Media Project!


Mason Jar Supply Caddy

Today, I’m sharing  another cute and simple craft.  I’m a teacher and I’m still in full on Back to School mode. So, in honor of going back to school, I came up with a really cute organizational craft. This Mason Jar Supply Caddy could also be a perfect for a Back to School Teacher Gift.

Mason-Jar-Supply-Caddy-Artzy Creations

 I don’t know about you… but, I  never have enough cute organizers for my school office or my craft supplies.  This little handy Mason Jar Caddy is really easy to make and is super handy, so let’s get started!

Supplies Needed:

  • Wood Caddy
  • Chalk Paint in Two Contrasting Colors (only one needed if using Vinyl)
  • Paint Brush
  • (4) small Mason Jars
  • Cricut or Silhouette Machine, vinyl and transfer tape
  • “Supplies” .png for cutpath or printing for hand transfer can be found HERE

Step 1:  Paint the caddy using chalk paint and let it dry.

Step 2:  Cut out the lettering using one of the cut machines and a piece of vinyl.  Remove the letters and transfer to the caddy.

Step 3:  If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can still print out the lettering and using the old pencil and tracing method, put the lettering onto the caddy and then paint it in by hand.

Step 4:  Put the Mason Jars in the supply caddy and fill with all of your office or craft supplies.

Mason-Jar-Supply-Caddy-Artzy Creations 1

This is just a fun project that really doesn’t take a lot of time or supplies.  I can’t wait to put this in my office at school.  It’s just a nice simple solution to help organize an office or craft room that doesn’t require a lot of time or money and the best part is, you can customize it in any way to show off a little bit of your personality.

Mason-Jar-Supply-Caddy-Artzy Creations 2



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DIY Sidewalk Chalk Pumpkins

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Pumpkins

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Pumpkins

Easy DIY Mummy Wreath

Easy DIY Mummy Wreath

Easy DIY Mummy Wreath

DIY Ruler Necklace

Ruler-Pendant-Necklace-Artzy Creations 1

This post was originally created for Darice.  Can you believe it’s back to school time already?  As a teacher, I’m finding it hard to believe myself.  I just don’t know where the summer has gone.  However, in the spirit of back to school, I always try to come up with clever gift ideas for both of my daughter’s teachers.  This year I wanted to create a jewelry piece for the teacher’s to wear.  I came up with this cute DIY pendant necklace that is really quite simple and requires just a few craft items.  Let’s get started.

Ruler DIY Pendant Necklace Supplies:


Step 1.  Use the mini hand mitre saw to cut the piece of ruler.  Cut the piece of wooden ruler just slightly more than 1″ to make sure that the 1″ line shows.

Step 2.  Using a piece of sandpaper, sand the edges smooth.


Step 3.  Using the red acrylic paint, paint an apple with a thin paint brush.  Then use the green acrylic paint to create the leaves.  If you don’t feel comfortable painting the apple onto the ruler, you could always use one of the various cutting machines or a stencil.


Step 4.  Once the paint is dry, seal the DIY pendant necklace with a coat of matte or gloss clear spray varnish.  Or you could also use Mod Podge to seal the pendant as well.

Step 5.  Glue the bail mount to the back of the ruler.  Let this dry for a few of hours.

Step 6.  Thread the ball necklace through the bail.




Ruler-Pendant-Necklace-Artzy Creations 6

This ruler DIY pendant necklace is sure to be a keepsake for any teacher.  Not to mention, you’ll definitely put a smile on their face.




Pumpkin Smasher Challenge

What happens when 8 Bloggers get a hold of an unfinished pumpkin???  Magic happens and they are transformed into fun and crafty creations.  Check out all of the different pumpkins and get the tutorial for each.  I’m sure you will find a pumpkin of your liking.  How could you not with all of this talent?

Pumkin-Smasher-Challenge-Artzy CreationsClick on the pumpkin you like for the tutorial.

Happy-Halloween-Pumpkin-Artzy Creations 1

Supplies Needed for my Happy Halloween Pumpkin:

  • Wooden Pumpkin From Hobby Lobby
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Orange Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Happy Halloween Free Template
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Various Halloween Ribbon

Step 1:  Paint the entire pumpkin black

Step 2: Using the template created on a Silhouette or Cricut machine, place it on the wooden pumpkin and smooth it down really well.

Step 3:  Paint the letters with the orange acrylic paint.  You will probably have to paint a couple of layers to get the orange to show up really well.  Let it dry.  Do not remove the stencil.

Step 4:  Painting one letter at a time with Mod Podge, apply the glitter before it dries.

Step 5:  Cut various Halloween Ribbon and tie around the top of the pumpkin.

Happy-Halloween-Pumpkin-Artzy Creations 3 Happy-Halloween-Pumpkin-Artzy Creations 2

It’s a fun and easy pumpkin to make for your door for Halloween.  Have fun creating it and hope you enjoyed our Pumpkin Smasher Challenge.





Back To School Teacher Clipboard

Back-to-School-Teacher-Clipboard-Artzy Creations 4

Today, I have a fun and awesome Back to School Teacher Clipboard using the new line of paper products from Jen Hadfield.  I have to let you in on a little secret…  Jen from TT&J has been a blog crush of mine for quite some time.  I have LOVED all of her creative inspirations over the years as I know you do too.  So, in case you couldn’t tell, I’m thrilled to be here.

Being a teacher for the past 18 years, I have pretty much seen it all for back to school items for teachers.  I must admit that I  do get tired of the over used apple , so I wanted to create something that was not only fun and cheery, but had a touch of classiness too.   I took all of those elements and put them together to design this great clipboard to use in the classroom.  I also know that any teacher would be head over heels to get this clipboard as a back to school present.  So, let’s get started and see just how easy it is to make this clipboard.

Back-to-School-Teacher-Clipboard-Artzy Creations 5

Supplies Needed:

  • Plain Clipboard
  • Various Scrapbook Paper by Jen Hadfield
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Chalk Paint in White (You could also use acrylic paint too.)
  • Peach Acrylic Paint
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Very Thin Paint Brush
  • Piece of White Paper
  • Pencil
  • Thick Washi Tape
  • Paper Flowers by Jen Hadfield

Back-to-School-Teacher-Clipboard-Artzy Creations 6

Step 1:  Mix your peach acrylic paint with the white chalk paint.   Mix enough paint to apply a couple of coats on the metal clip and the back of the clipboard.   I added the chalk paint because it makes it easier to cover the metal parts on the clipboard.  Apply 2 to 3 coats of paint and let it dry.

Back-to-School-Teacher-Clipboard-Artzy Creations 7


Step 2:  Take the piece of scrapbook paper you’ve chosen for the top of the clipboard and lay the clipboard on top of it.  Take your pencil and trace around the clipboard.  Cut this shape out.

Step 3:  Make a few cuts in the top of your paper (when the clip part will be).  If at first it doesn’t fit, go back and trim a little bit more until it does.  Lay the paper in place.  If you’re only covering a partial part of the clipboard, make the piece of paper the desired size.

Step 4:  Apply Mod Podge first to the clipboard and then place your piece of paper.  Next cover your scrapbook paper with Mod Podge. this will really help to adhere it to the clipboard and should help reduce any bubbles.  Also, use your hands or a credit card to smooth it out.

Step 5:  If you’re applying a contrasting piece of paper to the bottom of the clipboard (as I did with the polka dot paper), Mod Podge it the same way to adhere it to the clipboard.

Step 6:  I took a piece of the contrasting trim and cut it off of the piece of scrapbook paper, making the strip that divides the two papers on the front of the clipboard, but you could also use a fun patterned Washi tape.

Back-to-School-Teacher-Clipboard-Artzy Creations 8

 For The Back of The Clipboard:

There’s a couple of ways that you can do this.  You can use a Cricut or Silhouette machine.  I did this the old fashion way using pencil and paper.

Step 7:  Print out your inspirational phrase. You can use Word or really any software to get the size and font you desire.  Once it’s the size you want, go ahead and print it out.

Step 8: Flip your paper over and using your pencil, shade the back of the lettering lettering. The goal is to make a sort of  homemade carbon paper.

Back-to-School-Teacher-Clipboard-Artzy Creations 9


Step 9:  Center the lettering and use Washi tape to temporarily hold the words in place.

Step 10:  Take your pencil and outline the letters. Once you’ve traced your letters, remove the printer paper and the letters will have been transferred onto the clipboard.

Step 11:  Fill in the letters with acrylic paint using a thin brush.  Once the letters have dried, seal them with a matte spray paint.

Step 12:  Last but not least, I found some thick gold Washi tape and adhered it in place on the back, and for the extra finishing touch, I added a cute paper flower by Jen Hadfield.

Back-to-School-Teacher-Clipboard-Artzy Creations 10

Back-to-School-Teacher-Clipboard-Artzy Creations 1a

I love how this turned out… especially the back of the clipboard.  Let me tell you, any teacher would love to see that nice little inspirational quote on those really tough teaching days, to remind them of their teaching purpose and why they do what they do.  As an art teacher, my hope is to always inspire students to pursue their creative side, even when they think they are not or can’t be creative, and also inspire them to do great things.  That’s why this saying truly resonates with me.

Back-to-School-Teacher-Clipboard-Artzy Creations 1cHave fun creating this Back to School Clipboard, and I guarantee… you will truly make that teacher’s year!


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Cheesecloth Ghosts

Is it REALLY September? I’m still trying to figure out what happened to July? It’s Debbie here with Made From Pinterest and don’t kill me folks, but I’m sharing these Cheesecloth Ghosts with you today!

Made in bright Halloween colors, these stand up ghosts are bringing color back to life! Get it? Okay, okay I know that it is barely September but I can’t help but get excited when my second favorite holiday of all time is drawing near. I love, love, love Halloween. And for years I have made these stand-up ghost decorations but I have always made them in white. Well….this year I took things up a notch and decided to liven them up a little bit with some color and I love them!

Made in bright Halloween colors, these stand up ghosts are bringing color back to life! Get it?

What you will need to make these are:

  • Cheesecloth
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Spray Paint, your choice of colors
  • Glass bottles with long necks
  • Black felt
  • Foil

Decide on the size of your bottles and then take your foil and make a ball for the head. Once you have made your ball, wrap it in a square piece of foil and crimp the bottom into a “stem”.

DSC_0609-1Insert the “head” into your bottle.

DSC_0613-1Next, take your foil and make a long “snake” for your arms. I think I made mine about 20 inches long. Crimp it together and wrap it around the neck of your bottle. Bend the arms to where you want them. I like mine not exactly level but with one arm higher than the other. Don’t ask me why.


Okay, so now you want to cut your cheesecloth to be long enough to cover both sides of your side with some extra leftover to drape at the bottom which forms your stand. I can’t really give the length since every bottle will be different so I just eyeball it.

Then you want to take 1/2 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar and bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Let it cool and when it is okay to touch, douse your cheesecloth into the sugar water. Squeeze out the excess but not to a super, duper dry because you want some sugar to stay on the cheesecloth to harden. This is what helps keep the ghost shape.

After squeezing, place your bottle on a piece of foil or wax paper and drape the cheesecloth over the ghost frame.


Layer the extra at the bottom thickly so that it will create a nice base. Also, make sure you press down around the shoulder area so that your cheesecloth doesn’t go straight from the head to the arm. You want a nice shoulder area.

shoulder drapeLet dry overnight. When it is completely dry, spray paint with your choice of color. The biggest thing that you need to do when spray painting these is to look at your ghost from every possible angle so that you can get spray paint into the folds with no white showing. I sprayed the bottoms and up from the bottom into the inside. Cut some eyes and mouths from the black felt and glue onto the ghost face. Voila! Don’t you just love these colors?

Made in bright Halloween colors, these stand up ghosts are bringing color back to life! Get it? Made in bright Halloween colors, these stand up ghosts are bringing color back to life! Get it? I already have these guys gracing my family room coffee table.

Made in bright Halloween colors, these stand up ghosts are bringing color back to life! Get it? A big thanks to Melanie for letting us come and share on her blog today! We’d love it if you hopped on over to Made From Pinterest one day to say hi!

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Bloody Shirley Temples - What a fun treat for the kids to enjoy! #Recipe

Mummy Mason Jars

Mummy Mason Jars

Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies

Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies-These easy to make spiders transform chocolate chip cookies into a spooky halloween treat!

Inspirational Felt Banner and Darice

Inspirational-Felt-Banner-Artzy Creations 6


Hi Everyone!  Today, I’m over at Darice’s blog Live Craft Love sharing this Inspirational Felt Banner today.  You can’t believe how easy this was to make.  I made this for my daughter, but I’m thinking I need to make one for my office at school.  Head on over today to get the tutorial on how to make your own Inspirational Felt Banner.  See you there!


Duck Tape Chapstick Holder

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo Duck-Tape-Chapstick-Holder-Artzy Creations 10a_zpsodkcpn6u.jpg

We love all things Duck Tape® in our household. It’s so easy to use and with my daughters going back to school here in just a couple of days, I thought it would be perfect to come up with a fun craft that kids will find useful too. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial to make a Duck Tape® Chapstick Holder that can be used in a binder or attached to a backpack.


  • Duck Tape® in Your Favorite Color or Pattern
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Metal Straight Edge Ruler
  • Bungee Cord or Cording (approx. 9″)
  • Your favorite flavor Lip Balm

 photo Duck-Tape-Chapstick-Holder-Artzy Creations 13_zpsmfps31mx.jpg

 photo Duck-Tape-Chapstick-Holder-Artzy Creations 1_zps2txdgy74.jpg

Step 1: Lay out a strip of Duck Tape® approximately 7-8 inches in length with the sticky side up. Take another piece slightly longer and adhere it to your other piece, sticky sides together. Trim off the bottom to make a straight edge.

Step 2: Take the edge you just trimmed and fold it over 1/4″ towards the top of your strip and tape it in place. Next, use your straight edge and x-acto knife to cut & straighten up the edge. Don’t take too much off the side. Measure over 1-3/4″ from the straightened edge and trim the other side.

 photo Duck-Tape-Chapstick-Holder-Artzy Creations 2_zpsdcuhoq92.jpg

Step 3: Measure 2″ up from the bottom of your strip and make a crease or fold. Measure down another 1/2″ from the first crease and make another crease. This helps create a wider bottom for your lip balm.

 photo Duck-Tape-Chapstick-Holder-Artzy Creations 3_zps17pvij8j.jpg

Step 4: Tape both sides creating a pocket. Trim any extra length of Duck Tape®.

 photo Duck-Tape-Chapstick-Holder-Artzy Creations 4_zpsme7yfbj6.jpg

Step 5: Measure up 4-1/4″ from the bottom and cut straight. Measure 1/2″ back from that edge and make a fold or crease. Tape this in place on the backside and trim up any rough edges.

Step 6: Take your 9″ length of bungee cord or cording and thread it through the fold you just made. Tie it off or tie it to a backpack.

 photo Duck-Tape-Chapstick-Holder-Artzy Creations 11_zpsb4xkb6eh.jpg

 photo Duck-Tape-Chapstick-Holder-Artzy Creations 12a_zpsloiq5zvs.jpg

That’s it. You now have a super cute and custom made holder for your lip balm. Your child might never have chapped lips again, and with 200 prints and colors to choose from by Duck Tape®, anyone will be able to create a holder that fit’s their personality. Don’t believe me? why don’t you head on over to the website and see for yourself! You can Find Duck Tape here While you’re there, why not check out Duck Tape on Twitter and Instagram or for more back to school craft ideas check out their School Craft board on Pinterest

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