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This tutorial is an oldie but goodie that was initially posted on Here Comes The Sun.   However, I thought it would be great to share this again especially since Back To School is right around the corner.

Here’s my tutorial for an original and personalized gift idea for teachers. This is how to make a Burlap Apple as a back to school or end of the year gift for or your son or daughter’s teacher.

Here’s what you need:

  • Burlap
  • Craft Paint (red, brown, green)
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Stuffing
  • Black Thread
  • Ribbon
  • Sharpie Marker

I took an old rice sack that I had saved for the burlap or you can purchase some at the fabric store.

Step 1: Start by cutting 2 squares roughly 5” x  5”.

Step 2: Draw an apple shape onto the burlap or freehand cutting the apple shape out.  If you’d prefer, you can print out a clip art apple and then size it correctly on a copy machine.  Then use it as a template or stencil to cut your (2) pieces of burlap. Also, be sure to cut out (2) leaves from your burlap.

Step 3: Paint one of the apples the necessary colors using the craft paints (red, brown, green).  Let it dry. You could also paint the back side but I kind of liked the rough unfinished look for the back, so I left it.

Step 4: Sew a ¼ “ to  ½”  boarder around the apple in black thread.  The black thread makes for a nice contrast.  Make sure to leave an opening to stuff the apple.  After you’ve stuffed your apple, go around the entire apple a few times.  I went three times around.  Sew the outline of the leaves and attach the leaves with hot glue.

Step 5: Take a thin tipped black sharpie marker and write the name of the teacher on the apple.

Now, you can stop here or embellish it a bit further.  I wanted my daughter’s teacher to be able to hang this up in her room, so I added some wire to it.

Here’s how I attached the wire to the back.  I just threaded it through the burlap on the back side. Here is a close up of what I did.

Next, I took a pair of needle nose pliers and twist the wire up into a curl.  I attached some ribbon to the wire on one side.

There you have it, a cute burlap apple for your son/daughter’s teacher, and take it from me as a fellow teacher… they will truly appreciate the cuteness & effort.


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