Braided Leather Wrap Belt

Here is a tutorial for a DIY braided leather wrap belt that seriously takes less than 30 minutes to make and cost around $3.00.  I went to Tandy leather company and a bought a bunch of leather scraps by the pound.  It was very inexpensive and the quality was great.  In the bin were these strips of leather already cut and they were about 60″ long.  Perfect for this project.

Here what you will need:

  • Good quality Leather/Vinyl 60″ in length or longer depending on the size of your waist
  • 24 gauge beading wire in gold tone
  • Brown DMC floss or brown thread
  • Scissors

Measure in about 3″ and take a piece of the DMC floss or thread and tie the leather pieces together.  Make sure it is secure and tie it a couple of times.  Trim the floss/thread.

For the braiding of the belt, take a place the leather strips underneath something heavy.  I used a leg of a chair.  When braiding, always make sure to braid with the finished side of the leather up.  Finish the other end of the belt with the floss/thread and repeat the same step as above.

Cut a piece of the thin beading wire about 24″ long.  You can eyeball this and add more or less depending on the look you are going for.  Place one end of the wire in the back of the floss/thread and the back of the braid like pictured above.  This will hide the end of your wire and prevent it from catching on your clothes.  Wrap the wire tightly around the leather.  I wire wrapped an area about 1/2″ thick.  Take the end of your wire and loop it through some of the wire on the back, pull it tight, and trim.  Repeat the process for the other end.

Now you have a great looking belt that doesn’t break the bank!

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