Birthday and Stories

I’ve gotten away from telling stories.  It seems like my blog has been all about projects and more projects lately.  So, this time I wanted to go back to telling a story of sorts.

My little one Lily turned 3.  It’s hard to believe.  Time has flown by.   You know how it is as a parent.  Sometimes it seems like they will never get older and the toddler age is unbearable.   Some days it seems like they grow up right before your eyes and the chubby baby finger, faces, and hands are all but disappearing.  You would like to freeze the moment in time and never have them grow up.

 Lily is my very strong willed daughter out of the two.  Each birthday my girls get to pick what they want to have to eat for their birthday celebration.  There was no doubt in her mind that she wanted cheeseburgers with mushrooms that Daddy makes.  I don’t know too many toddlers that love sauteed mushrooms, but she does.  Oh, and she had to have canned peas.  Like I said, she definitely knows what she likes and doesn’t.

Yummy goodness for everyone including a white cake with chocolate icing and red sprinkles made to order.

Big sister’s bike was handed down to Lily.

She was so excited and ready to ride miles or at least a couple of driveways down the block until she gets the hang of peddling and the break on the bike.

Here’s to birthday’s, food, bikes, and magical moments…

better known as life.

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    Aew! Love them girls 🙂 beautiful nieces. You two are very lucky and boh have such an amazing life. Miss all of you and ill keep lookin at your blog. I love the arts

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