Bedazzled School Box

Remember when you had cardboard school boxes that came in different designs and you could pick out the design you wanted to match your Trapper Keeper?  I loved picking out all of that school stuff for back to school.  Maybe that’s why a part of me is a teacher to this day.  🙂  I still love getting new school supplies and getting everything ready for the school year.  So does my daughter Emma, but what kid doesn’t?  This year she had to get an extra large school box.  All of the school boxes are plastic these days and BORING!  So, ever since my daughter has been in kindergarten, I’ve decorated her school boxes.  I wanted to share this very easy tutorial that will help make your son/daughter’s day extra special when they start school.

Here’s what you need:

  • Paint Markers
  • Rhinestones, Plastic Bugs, etc.
  • Glue Gun
  • Plastic School Box

Check it out!  It literally took me no time at all to do this and you will score major points with your kiddos.  They will end up with a one of a kind school box that no other kid has.  Have a son?  Make him a really cool one with flames.  Ask your child and whatever you guys come up with, it will be special and unique, and they will love it.


Have fun with it!

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