Backyard Summer Fun and Fruttare

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A Frame Tent_Lily with Fruttare 05 Final

There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than relaxing in the shade of your backyard with a cool and refreshing treat. My girls love to play hard and take a well deserved break in our backyard.  As all us Mom’s know, when the summertime heat kicks in, kids want nothing more than to have something cool, yummy, and refreshing.  Fruttare are these great fruit & juice bars that come in 10 different flavors. They are easy to find because they are sold in many different stores nationwide. We picked up the flavors below at our local Safeway.

A Frame Tent_Fruttare in Package

 Fruittare has so many flavors that it is kind of hard to choose which bars to get.  We chose the Strawberry and Milk (mine and my husbands favorite), Mango which is my oldest daughter’s favorite flavor and the Mixed Berry and Milk (my youngest daughter’s favorite).  I am a die hard Strawberry fan and can I tell you, the Strawberry and Milk bars are incredible. It’s just like a frozen Strawberry Milkshake on a stick.

A Frame Tent_Fruttare on Plate

 Well, I decided that it would be nice for my girls to have a comfy relaxing place out of the sun to enjoy their cool treats during the summer heat. I’ve been meaning to make one of these A-Frame tents for a long time now, and I finally decided that the girls were definitely going to get one this summer.  I was inspired by Cakies  A-frame tent that she made out of a vintage sheet.  It’s a very simple idea and takes a lot less time than you might imagine. I wanted to paint it with brightly colored paints and I already had this awesome shear star fabric that I wanted to re-purpose and this was the perfect project for it.

How To Make The A-Frame Tent:

A Frame Tent_Directions

Step 1: Cut your 1×2’s in half. Measure 6″ from the end and drill completely through with your 3/4″ paddle bit.

Step 2: Mask off and paint your wooden, drilled 1×2’s.

Step 3: Cut your fabric to 44″ Wide X 86″ Long.

Step 4: Hem the side and bottom edges and sew in a 5″ piece of elastic at each of the four corners and reinforce them.

It’s that easy!  What a great place for my girls to enjoy their Fruttare bars, books, summer fun and giggles.

A Frame Tent_Lily with Fruttare 01

So, if you’re looking for a cool & refreshing treat for your kids (or yourself 🙂 ) I definitely recommend grabbing a Fruttare bar and enjoying some outdoor summer fun.

A Frame Tent_Lily with Fruttare 04

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