5 Minute Succulent Centerpieces

5-Minute-Succulent-Centerpieces-Artzy Creations

Today, I have a very simple 5 minute Succulent Centerpiece that can be used for all different occasions.  The best part is that if you don’t have a green thumb…no worries.  These are made with faux succulents so no watering is required.  These are great for patio areas for the summertime where you can leave them out with no fuss.   Not too mention summer weddings as well.  You could place multiples on the table and even attach labels to them with table numbers.  The possibilities are endless for these beauties.  Let’s get started.

5-Minute-Succulent-Centerpieces-Artzy Creations 1

Supplies Needed:

  • Floral Dry Foam
  • Various Succulents
  • Moss
  • Metal Containers (I got these are Ikea for really cheap!)

Step 1:  Fill the container with the dry foam piece.

Step 2:  Insert and arrange your succulents.  Have a variety of sizes.  That will look best in your arrangements.

Step 3:  Fill in empty spaces with moss.

Bam!  You’re done.

5-Minute-Succulent-Centerpieces-Artzy Creations 2a

5-Minute-Succulent-Centerpieces-Artzy Creations 3

I love how real these look.  They make some very convincing fuax succulents.

5-Minute-Succulent-Centerpieces-Artzy Creations 4

These also make great hostess gifts or even Mother’s Day gifts too!  So, go out and grab some faux succulents and have fun.



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