4th of July Dipped Oreos

final image

Here’s a simple dessert to make for the 4th of July that the kids will grab in seconds.

Here’s what you need:

  • Oreos
  • 1lb Bag of Melting Chocolate
  • Sanding Sugar (Bue and Red)


sanding sugar

Melt the chocolate according to the instructions.   Just use two separate bowls for the sanding sugar.  Dip the Oreo into the chocolate followed up by dipping the ends in the two sanding sugar.  It was a little messy because I used my fingers to dip the Oreos.   You might try using two toothpicks on either side of the Oreo to dip in the chocolate.

close up of oreos

pre final

 It’s that simple and easy.  

Watch out they’re super addicting too.  You can’t just eat one!



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