4th of July Bubble Wands

Today, I have a great 4th of July craft for you kids and their friends. This is a simple, fun and inexpensive way to help keep them to keep them busy while they’re waiting for the fireworks to begin.

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If your neighborhood is anything like mine, 4th of July is a big deal.  We have tons activities going on and lots of relatives getting together.  It’s because of this, that I  like to have a craft on hand for the kiddos to make while the 4th of July festivities are going on.  This year I thought it would be great fun to have them make their own bubble wands.  This is perfect because you can make a ton of these and they are very kid friendly. Lots of fun for pretty much all ages.  The big kids can even help the small kids with the bending and twisting on the pipe cleaners.  So, let’s get started and see just how easy these 4th of July Bubble Wands are to make.

4th-of-July-Bubble-Wands-Artzy Creations Supplies Needed:

4th-of-July-Bubble-Wands-Artzy Creations 1 Step 1:  Bend the bottom of the pipe cleaner to make a small loop and twist the end into the pipe cleaner to set it in place. 4th-of-July-Bubble-Wands-Artzy Creations 2 Step 2:  Thread about (9) pony beads onto the pipe cleaner. Too many and they won’t be able to create the end that dips into the bubble solution. 4th-of-July-Bubble-Wands-Artzy Creations 3 Step 3:  Take the top of the pipe cleaner and make a larger loop.  Take the very end of the pipe cleaner and wrap it around a few times to secure it in place and to create a large circle to blow through, creating the bubbles. 4th-of-July-Bubble-Wands-Artzy Creations 4

It’s that simple and easy!

4th-of-July-Bubble-Wands-Artzy Creations 6

4th-of-July-Bubble-Wands-Artzy Creations 7

Now, go grab your bubbles and your all set for lots of Fourth of July fun.

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