30 Awesome and Fun Rainbow Loom Tutorials

30 Awesome-and-Fun-Rainbow Loom-Tutorials_Artzy Creations

Here’s a great round up of 30 Awesome and Fun Rainbow Loom tutorials for all those rainbow loom lovers out there.

1. Casper The Ghost ~By Loom Love

How to make a Rainbow Loom Casper the Friendly Ghost

2. Caterpillar ~By Frugal Fun For Boys

Rainbow Loom Caterpillars - HOW CUTE! These would be fun to make and play with for a bug theme.

3. Halloween Charms ~By Loom Love

Halloween CHARM. Use Made by Mommy Smiley Face Charm pattern. Great with Mady by Mommy Candy Corn, Witch and Ghost.

4. Loom Pencil Grip ~By The Crafty Mummy

loom pencil grip

5.  Kaleidoscope ~By Loom Love


6.  Piano ~By Rainbow Loom Patterns

Rainbow Loom Patterns: Piano / Keyboard Rainbow Loom Pattern (youtube tutorial) See more: http://rainbowloompatterns.blogspot.com

7.  Loom Band Snakes ~By Frugal Fun For Boys

How to Make Loom Band Snakes

8.  Wrapter ~By Loom Love

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Wraptor Bracelet #rainbowloom

9. iPhone Case ~By Loom Love

Rainbow Loom iPhone Case>> Looks prett ycool, but it looks like it would be difficult to get the buttons.

10. Owl ~By Loom Band

Owl loom band tutorial - LoomBand

11. Chameleon ~By Frugal Fun For Boys

Chameleon Charm Rainbow Loom Tutorial

12. Double Inverted Fishtail ~By The Cheese Thief

The Cheese Thief: New Rainbow Loom Pattern Tutorial: Inverted Fishtail and Double Inverted Fishtail Bracelet

13. Tangled Garden ~By Loom Love

Tangled Garden Bracelet or Anklet (Without a Rainbow Loom!) #rainbowloom

14. Pen Accessories ~By The Craft Mummy

Rainbow Loom: Pen Accessories - The Crafty Mummy

15. Little Star ~By Loom Love

Rainbow Loom Instructions for the Little Star Bracelet #rainbowloom

16. Fishtail Sandwich ~By Loom Band

Fishtail Sandwich Loom Band Bracelet Tutorial

17. Ghosts ~By Loom Love

Rainbow Loom Tutorials Archives - loomlove.com

18. Anchor Charm ~By Loom Love

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Anchor Charm

19. Inverted Fish Tail ~By Artzy Creations

final image

20. Round Bling Ring ~By Loom Love

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Round Bling Ring

21. Skateboard ~By Frugal Fun For Boys

How to Make a Skateboard Rainbow Loom Charm - Frugal Fun For Boys Kreabarn.dk har Danmarks største udvalg af tilbehør og elastikker til loom, fun loom og rainbow loom.

22. Super 7 Link ~By Loom Band

Super 7 Link Fishtail Loom Band Bracelet Tutorial

23. Corset ~By Loom Love


24. Witch Hat Pencil Topper ~By Loom Love

witch hat pencil topper rainbow loom

25. Dragon Scale ~By Loom Band

How to make a Dragon Scale Rainbow Loom band bracelet

26. The Triple Fish Tail by Artzy Creations

Triple Fish Tail Bracelet Using 2 Pencils

Triple Fish Tail Bracelet Using 2 Pencils


27. The Starburst by Rainbow Loom Patterns


28. Starburst Rainbow Loom Pattern by Rainbow Loom Patterns


29. The Frilly Braid by Loom Love.


30.  Rainbow Loom Personalized Key Chains by Michele Marshall.